Self Portraits by Lauren Likes

Lauren is an adventurer, crafter and storyteller.

Lauren-Likes Blog is a canvas for her photography, DIY projects, scrapbooking, art journaling, travel photography, travel tips, adventures, advice, stories, thoughts, feelings and words.

Lauren believes that adventure is out there for everyone, if only you look. It can be next door or on the other side of the world. Lauren would love to help you find it.

Lauren believes that memories and life should be recorded through photos, scrapbooks and stories. Lauren would love to give you tips and ideas for documenting it.

Lauren believes that anyone can make stuff using what you already have at home. DIY is a way to make a house a home, keep your hands busy, allow your creativity to soar and to use up those supplies you’ve been hoarding. Lauren would love to walk you through fun projects step by step.

Lauren believes that art journaling heals the soul, strengthens your creativity and unites people. Lauren co-created the Get Messy Art Journal Membership program, with her internet BFF Caylee Grey, to provide community and inspiration for art journalers around the world.

Lauren believes in creating the things you want to see in the world. Lauren designs digital stamps and printable project life cards to help you document your life in a modern and customizable way.

Lauren believes there is a beautiful and free life out there for all of us. Happiness is a choice. Let’s choose it through gratitude and sharing our wisdom and beliefs. Lauren believes in Jesus, the Bible and laughter.

Lauren is a 20 something social worker working as an elementary school counselor who lives in Seoul, South Korea with her husband, Terrell. They work together at an international christian school and love eating street food, riding their scooter and laughing. Lauren plans to go everywhere, eat all the foods and document it here on her blog and in her scrapbooks.

Lauren-Likes Blog has been featured on A Beautiful MessCountry Living, The Duck and The Owl, RuKristin, Caylee Grey, Amelia Writes, Moments to Live For, Big Picture Classesterrell_lauren-220Bottom photo by Jean Smith Photography 

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  1. soapie

    ‘she does project life. he brings her memorabilia.’
    love that line. =)
    i think it’s sweet y’all work at the same school and both teach. that’s awesome.

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