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14 for 14 update


This year I’ve set 14 goals for myself. Some easily attainable. Some abstract. Some secretive. Some challenging. Mostly awesome.

So here’s an update on how things are going so far.

  1. Go on a grand adventure. Check! Well, officially July 22nd this adventure will commence. More here. 
  2. Make a quilt. On a whim, I ransacked my scrap stash and started!! I’ve got to finish cutting my squares (which is the easy part), then the real work will begin.
  3. Start something. Check back on monday for something awesome!
  4. Project Life 2014. I started strong. Fell behind. Printed pics up to date and have totally lost my mojo. Gotta get it back.
  5. Blog (Design) Love. Ive officially decided on a new blog name and have started playing with logo design! Cant wait to get this up and running!
  6. Create a recipe book. Im slowly starting to collect recipes from friends and record my favorite Pinterest recipes, but Ive got to step up the time-table.
  7. Learn to shoot in manual. I’ve officially ventured into aperture priority and the field of shutter speeds! Progress, just need more practice!
  8. Read the Bible all the way through. I just finished a really awesome Bible Study (No Other Gods), so now Im starting to get back on track.
  9. Use up my craft stash. Elise is about to teach a class on A Beautiful Mess for this. I can’t wait! In efforts to begin, I’m selling some mixed books.
  10. Be an encourager. Somehow the people I’m trying to encourage are way more encouraging to me! Oh jeez, nice people!
  11. Dance like a fool  at a huge concert. Check! I was on top of the world! See more here.
  12. Annihilate my wardrobe. Wow. I own a ton of stuff! I have officially gotten my winter clothes down to only 1 bag! But who am I kidding? Summer clothes are my jam, so that’s where I foresee a problem….
  13. Go to bed by 11pm…..uh, no comment.
  14. Read 2 books a month. I’m currently KILLING IT with this one. Ill be doing a book review soon. Any suggestions? Im also on Goodreads. Lets me friends so I can see your recommendations!

How are you doing with your goals? Were officially a third of the way through the year (crazy right), but it’s not too late to start something!



Imagine Dragons Concert

We had the BEST time at the Imagine Dragons Concert a few weeks ago! We had a really great date night, saw a band we love and I accomplished one of my 14 for 14 goals! It doesn’t get better than that.

We got pretty cheap seats, but still had a really good view and we could see backstage, so it was really fun to see what was going on back there.February4

We missed the opening bands but we were ok with it. We parked in hot-lanta and rode the Marta in. Super fun, cheap and easy.  Except we got out on the wrong side of the tracks and had to buy another ticket to walk back through….so not as cheap as it should have been….2014-02-26 22.07.03

But, we both fell hard for Imagine Dragons a few years ago when one of their songs was on the promo video for The Color Run. So we like to say ‘we liked them before they were big and on the radio’. I heard a quote once that ”every time a hipster says ‘I liked them before they were big’- a fairy dies”. That makes me laugh every time I think about how long we’ve liked them and how I can remember the first  timeI heard one of their songs come on a car radio that wasn’t plugged into my phone!

2014-02-26 21.26.00


There show was fantastic and definitely not long enough! I needed much more than an hour and a half. (Maybe I’m just too used to Dave Mathews Concerts) But still, every minute was fantastic. We were seriously amazed at the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, he played at least 6 different types of drums during his performance. It was incredible and too fun. Also, does anyone know where I can get GIANT balloons filled with glitter/confetti?!

2014-02-26 22.37.30

*All photos were taken with my iphone.  Words on photos are Imagine Dragons Lyrics.