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How to take and edit awesome photos of your art

How to take and edit beautiful photos of your art. All you need is one piece of paper and the free A Color Story App! Click through for the video tutorial!

Today, let’s talk photos. Sharing photos of my artwork on instagram is one of my favorite things to do and one of the biggest issues we encounter when it comes to sharing other people’s photos on the Get Messy instagram account. The importance of a good photo is hard to stress enough. Your artwork can be THE most amazing art in the whole world, but no one can tell if the photo is bad quality, poorly lit, fuzzy, at a weird angle or too cluttered.

I shared this tutorial in my instagram stories and got so much great feedback that I knew it needed to live somewhere more permanent. So excuse the video quality, these stories are only supposed to last 24 hours remember…But! The tips in it are top-notch and are guaranteed to help you take and edit awesome photos of your art.

I use the A Color Story app to edit exclusively. Below are a few of my favorite filters that I keep in my favorites section. I highly recommend the app and suggest you play around with it and read the blog post tutorials here about how to use it and all its SUPER powerful features. My favorite part is the ability to get your whites really white and bright. Nothing says ‘ew’ like a yellowed photo. So the temperature, contrast and brightness tools are my absolute go too tools for every single photo I take and edit.

Here is another example of a more dramatic edit. I love how versatile the app is and you are guaranteed to be able to create a style of your own through the different filters. So go play and be sure to tell me your favorite filters!

Before, no edits. Shot directly into the sunset.

After, with much more dramatic edits than my normal whitening edits, but I loved this edit because it really brought out the true feeling of this moment. Sometimes the camera just can’t capture what you see in real life and I find that especially true during sunsets. The colors aren’t as vivid and it lacks the feeling you have when watching such a beautiful and out of your control event. Below are the edits I used to bring this moment to life.

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them and share more tutorials.

Spider Web Art Journal Page Process Video

Spider Web Art Journal Page Process Video

I am so excited to share my latest art journal page with you AND a process video(!!!). I love watching other people work and always pick up on new tricks and ideas and just feel like it is fascinating to see someone else’s process. I have put together my 40 minute art journal page process into about 3 and a half minutes for you. Enjoy!


I was inspired to create this page last week when I was at a violin concerto and we were sitting in the balcony, looking down over the stage. I noticed that all the hanging mic cables snaked over the stage like a spiderweb and I liked the glow of the lights made them a deep blue, ominous color. I began thinking about how I could make my own spider web in an art journal page and thus this page idea was formed.

To learn more about translating your inspiration into art, take my new course Travel Like An Artist. 



  • paper or journal
  • acrylic paint
  • matte medium
  • string
  • washi tape


  1. Thin your paint a bit by adding the matte medium to make it easier to spread
  2. Load your string up with paint by swiping it through the paint like a credit card
  3. Either tape down the string or hold it tightly between your hands
  4. Opt 1: Rub the string across your page (this will make the more muddy lines)
    Opt 2: Tape it down to your table, hold the string tight and pop it by lifting up (like the way they create chalk lines) and rotate it until you are out of paint (creates sharp, thin lines)
    Opt 3: stamp the string down onto the paper by holding it very tightly between your hands (creates a mix of sharp and smudged lines)
  5. Repeat until you have your web!

Spider Web Art Journal Page Process Video

To learn SO much more about art journaling and for access to a library of 100s of tutorials like this one (and way better) join Get Messy today! 

Spider Web Art Journal Page Process Video


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Get Messy Creative Team Blog Hop

As 2016 is coming to a close, so is the Get Messy 2016 Creative Team. These ladies are incredible and we have been so lucky to have them by our side this past year. Words cannot express our gratitude and joy for them, so instead I will let you see how amazing they are.

The team is doing a blog hop and shouting their love for another via blog world. Be sure to click all the way through and witness their glorious talents. And don’t forget that you have about 24 hours left to join Get Messy at its lowest price ever….

One creative team member who completely surprised me was Karen. I think I officially fell in love with Karen during her Messy Conversation interview. Her accent and sweet charm are irresistible. During the convo she taught me all about gelli printing (to which I was completely clueless) and now I’m in love…

Karen’s work is bright and colorful, but unique with depth. I love how she balances color and black and white imagery so carefully. Surprising, yet consistent. That is the true goal of an artist, right?  Karen has definitely reached that level!

Go be friends with her on her site and instagram! And follow the hop all the way through 🙂