Day In The Life 2016


For the first time EVER I completed a day in the life. Every year this challenge happens and I take 2 awkward photos and abandon it immediately. This year, at the last second, in one of the busiest seasons, I decided to set my alarms for the whole day and snap a photo. One photo only, of whatever was happening. I am so happy with myself for following through and taking the time to prepare because without the hourly alarms this would not have happened. I am so grateful that I captured this glimpse into our lives here as this will be our last year here and I want to remember the details of each day. It was not a special day, but a normal day and that was the point, to capture our real life.

This is what a normal day in the life looked like for us in 2016. 

6:42 am Ive hit the snooze button multiple times and Terrell is completely ready to go and waiting on me while Im still in bed. #normal

7:09 am Driving to school! We are so grateful to have a car now that the weather is cold. School meetings begin at 7:20 am. We cut it close most days…

8:09 am Working in my office. Getting ready for the day, planning student sessions, checking emails, working on projects, etc etc.

9:37 am Teaching social skills lessons! This week’s lesson is all about preventing bullying by including others, so we played the human knot because everyone has to be involved to make the game work! This is by far my favorite part of my job.

10:46 am I have a few free minutes before lunch and I like to take time to do my morning pages, devotion or journal each day.

11:52 am Back from lunch and still finishing my coke. The missions fridge raises money for students trips and provides me the sweet nectar of life each day. #thankful

12:37 pm Catching up on emails, writing session notes and planning again.

1:03 pm Teaching the older students about Bullying. We are playing Bully Bingo!

2:03 pm More teaching. I let the winner of Bingo choose a 1 minute activity, obviously dancing to JT from Trolls is their top choice!

3:06 pm Garage Duty. Cold but not a bad 15 minutes, helping kids into cars and making sure they don’t get run over. It’s not a job for the weak.

4:01 pm Art Journaling After School Activity! These girls are so messy and so creative and so messy. I have mostly 3rd graders this year and they are much different from last years 5th graders who were really thoughtful in their pages, these girls are sticker crazy. But when I go around and ask them to tell me about their pages they really have put a lot of thought into the prompts and techniques I taught them and have done some really creative things! Also, art journaling is just fun.

5:02 pm Terrell is still working hard at his desk as I come pry him away.

5:36 pm We are finally home! And matching in the elevator! #theamazingmatchinghoopers

6:03 pm Terrell went out for dinner and I have just a few minutes before I have to leave for dinner and Bible study, so Im snacking and watching Friends to relax before more interaction time. #givemesomequietspace

7:07 pm Women’s Bible Study. Yummy food and some lovely ladies who are so encouraging and wise.

8:44 pm Im in bed reading, Terrell comes home with a melodica and serenades me. Its hilarious and so strange. He needs it to perform while on a field trip with kids. It even comes with a backpack/carrying case that says Roo Roo on it and has a picture of a bear in outerspace. We make fun of him endlessly for this, especially when he throws it over his shoulder and says ‘me and Roo Roo are ready to go’.

9:36 pm Reading and asleep by 10pm. These days are exhausting.

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