December Currently

imageSaying goodbye to 2015

Welcoming 2016

Committing to Art Journaling everyday in 2016

Feeling hopeless and disconnected from the Syrian Crisis

Agreeing wholeheartedly with this article

Helping through purchasing this art journal magazine dedicated fully to helping

Inspired by this new (to me) photography blog

Exploring New Zealand!

Photographing everything

Attempting to travel with less, less and less

Reading Room

Listening to Scary Close via audiobook

Listening to Matt Nathanson

Watching Pan!

Marveling at everything around us in New Zealand!

Loving living day to day with no plan

Giggling at all the funny things painted on other camper vans

Annoyed at the bad internet in this country

Excited for Get Messy 3.0!!

Kind of missing home.

Not really.

Missing my craft room

Journaling everyday

Establishing a habit

Trying to bottle up the blue of the water here

Breathing in the fresh air

Going to sleep at ridiculously early hours like grandparents

Dreaming of my new Moleskine art Journal that is coming soon

Overflowing with ideas for scrapbooking this trip

Practicing deleting bad photos in real time

Tired in the best way

Goal setting for 2016

Dreaming big for this blog and my business

Excited. Just excited.


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