Everyday Adventure: Hike Mt Bugaksan

IMG_0021One of the things I love most is random adventuring. You don’t have to travel or live somewhere exotic to find adventure. I firmly believe that you must break up the day-to-day monotony of routine for your mental health, to feed your creativity and to connect with your people (or yourself!) and the best way to do this is through everyday adventuring. This is not something you do everyday, but something you could do in a normal, everyday kind of day. Instead of running errands and lounging on a weekend day, go do something new. Just look around you and you will find it, whatever it is, and you will benefit immeasurably.

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This weekend we went on a very brief hike in the city up Mt Bugaksan to look for Cherry Blossoms and see the city view. There weren’t really very many cherry blossoms, but the view was breathtaking. You can see the city almost 360 degrees around you. It amazes me that right in the middle of this huge city are random mountains you can hike. I don’t like the smog at all, but these photos look like vintage film due to the bad air quality in Seoul. So…bad for your lungs, great for your photography?! Either way, it was the perfect quick outing. We went, hiked, had dinner out and were home all between 2pm and 9pm. I want to hike the entire wall that runs around the city, it was originally for protection but now is a cool item on my Korea Bucketlist, but it is 14 miles long, so I think we will need to do it in sections to really enjoy it. So I was excited to check one tiny portion of it off the list! To do this hike, we rode the subway, walked up one side and down the other and came out at the same place. It took maybe half an hour to get to the top and no time at all to get down. Here are some great blogs with more info on this hike and the whole wall hike if you are interested. Here, here and here. 

What everyday adventures have you been on lately in your town? IMG_0019 IMG_0020  HikeIMG_0028 IMG_0037 IMG_0046

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