Find Your Creative Style Webinar Replay + Art Journal 101 Webinar!

Spoiler alert! Did you guys know that I quit my day job and am now working for myself full-time?! Did I forget to mention that?! WHAT?!

So, yeah, when we left Korea, I left the corporate-work-for-a-boss world forever. Crazy.

Now, I’m focusing allllll my attention on the internet + art. That means making lots and lots of stuff and making Get Messy and Lauren-Likes AWESOME(r). I started out my focus on Get Messy and am slowly turning to Lauren-Likes and the podcast, How She Creates, now.

Our goal with Get Messy is to GIVE GIVE GIVE, all the best content, education and inspiration away-for free!

Two weekends ago we did a free, live webinar on How To Find Your Creative Style and the response was so overwhelming and so much fun. People walked away from the event with clarity and direction on their creative style and how to continue finding, growing and perfecting it. We have some beautiful PDFs for note taking, free bonus prompts to help you continue developing your style and gave a pretty sweet deal to anyone who wanted to join Get Messy and continue developing their style.

We want to make that webinar available to you too! All you need to do is sign up here, for Get Messy’s email list, and you will get access to the webinar and all the beautiful bonuses right away.

And! this past weekend we are hosted another live webinar! We dove into Art Journaling 101. This is for anyone who doesn’t know what art journaling is or how to get started. We will walk you through from the very beginning of what supplies to use and how to make your first page. Yep! We’re going to make it together!

If you are curious about whether art journaling is right for you and how to get started, you can watch that free webinar right here, but hurry it’s only available through this week.

The bonuses from the webinar have expired, but you can still snag a Seasons Pass to Get Messy through the end of the week if you would like to join us and keep making.

This is my absolute dream you guys. Getting to connect with other creatives and helping them fall in love with making. I cant wait to show you what all is in store! For now, make sure you are signed up for Get Messy’s mailing list so you don’t miss anything exciting!

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