Hey Girl, Happy Valentines Day

In honor of celebrating a day of LOOOVVVEEEE, I wanted to share how ridiculously awesome my husband is and then I found these ladies who were showing their husbands some love this valentines day through…drumroll please…Hey Girl memes! And I knew immediately that my husband deserved some of his own.  So Ryan Gosling, step back, here comes Big T….

1-ms to az 421

Somehow I got really lucky and have a husband who is easily the funniest person I have ever met. So this seemed to be the most appropriate way to celebrate him.


Terrell is such a trooper and jumps whole heartedly on board with ANY ridiculous idea I have and somehow always makes it better/more ridiculous.

1-USA road trip 338

He is so supportive and grateful of me and yet it should be me who is so grateful and proud of how hard he works and how committed he is his education and his teaching.

4-Copy of professional wedding pics 138

I am super blessed to have a husband who is on board with getting and staying out of debt, no matter what it takes.


I have a husband who loves Jesus and people. I have no words to describe how undeserving of him that I am.


PS he is crazy talented.


He can make any situation fun.


How many husbands actually like your friends? Mine does.


He participates so well in my addiction art….

I have the best husband, I couldn’t imagine a day without him. Strange, OCD, and smelliness aside. I’m the lucky one.

Do you have any good memes?!

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