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The lovely Amelia asked me to participate in the latest inspiration blog hop for creatives and I was more than happy to share my thoughts. These are fun little prompts to get you thinking about your own process and hopefully can inspire others to see a little insight into other creative minds. I think that creatives have the hardest time teaching their process because so much of what we do seems to happen spontaneously or with a lot of little dots that are connected that only make sense in our minds that its hard to describe. Hopefully these will shed a little light on how my mind works when I’m creating.
What are you currently working on? 
Right now: major project life catch up, a new scrapbook for our bucket list, pillows covers, fixing a shirt, recovering our chairs, redecorating our whole house. Just to name a few.
I am always juggling tons of projects at one time. It helps keep my interest up and gives me a sense of direction. ie I’m never at a loss as to what to work on next. When I finish one project there is always another unfinished project already started. I don’t worry about juggling too much, if I get excited, most of the time, I let myself get started on that new idea.
How does your work differ from others? 
This is how always the hardest question. I think my work differs in the variety. I am interested in so many things and tend to go back and forth between paper projects, DIY, home decor, cooking and so on. I think one of the greatest differences between myself and other crafters is simplicity. Instead of adding a thousand embellishments, I add 2. Instead of using Photoshop to edit all my photos, I use apps. By focusing on more simple ways of streamlining my process I am able to create a wider variety of projects.
Title card 2
Why do you create? 
I create because ideas are literally exploding out of me. Everyday I am writing ideas in my idea journal. It’s not an option. I must do. I must make. Making helps me sort out the world. It helps me remember and process. Its how I show love. Its how I make the world around me resemble the world in my mind.
What is your process? 
I need to let things simmer, like a crock pot. I sit and wait on a piece of an idea to work itself out until the lightening bolt strikes and then I need to frantically bring it life. Then when I sit down I like to start and gather as I go. I find a hole and then search for something to fill it. Then I clean it all up so when the next lightening bolt strikes I have clean space to get started immediately in.
Three wonderful ladies who inspire me have agreed to participate and share some of their processes with us! So go check out Sabine (EVERYTHING Sabine does is magic), Vanessa (Shes an expat who just returned home and makes some amazing art journals) and Keshena (her art journals are literally some of the most beautiful that I’ve seen). So go check on their responses to these questions and maybe we will learn a new way of creating!

8 thoughts on “Inspiration Blog Hop

  1. Sabine

    OMG, thank you, Lauren, for the nomination and the unbelievable lovely introduction. Can’t get the smile off my face 😉
    And I love the sunny Project Life card and that you can see, you were standing on your toes, when you took the first photo 🙂 makes me smile, too.

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  3. Keshena

    I just posted my reply, thank-you so much for including me…I was so chuffed! I didn’t know who to nominate but I will come up with someone at a later date. Cheers lovely x


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