Inspiring Instagram Accounts Part 2


We talk a lot on How She Creates (our new podcast! learn more here) about how instagram inspires us. I have also been developing a whole course on inspiration (sign up here for details-launching soon!!) and one important part of being an artist or maker is to be consistently inspired. But, just like any social media site, your feed can easily get overrun with photos of people’s dogs and giveaways or promotions. One way to make sure instagram is an inspiring place for you is to follow inspiring people who consistently post the type of art you love.

This is part 2 of my inspiring instagram accounts series to help you find artists who inspire you to creative action! See the first post here. 


First up is beloved Dallas Clayton. Who could not like this guy?! He wanders around with chalk spreading kindness all day, everyday. His illustrations are thought-provoking and yet simple enough to encourage you to get started for yourself.


Dmocba’s art has been really inspiring me lately. I love all the layers and unexpected color combinations and mediums he uses.


Mari is one of my favorite accounts right now. Her drawings are so insightful and witty. I check for her posts daily.


Joy’s blooms are beyond gorgeous. I am really into expressive florals right now and it seems like so is all of instagram.


Happy Red Fish is such a fun artist! I love the consistency in style but that each piece is surprising and new and exciting. This is a style that can be so easily copied, but lends itself to so many options and directions you can take!


I am so proud to call Cait a friend. Her art is one of the few that I could truly stare at for days. I wish she posted about 30 more photos a day, it’s just that good. She does some amazing mixed media and using some cool mediums. We also interviewed her for a Messy Conversation and for a How She Creates podcast. She is crazy wise and shares her secrets freely!

Ok, now you tell me your favorite instagram accounts to follow and check back next week for more of my favorites! Ps! Follow me @laurenlikesblog for tons more inspiration from yours truly! 

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