Korea, I Miss You + Amy B Photography

We left Korea 5 months ago. We knew it would be hard to leave, but never did I imagine I would, or could, mourn a place the way I have that amazing country. At the last minute we decided to have our beautiful friend Amy, who is made of pure magic, light and the high feeling you get while eating a ton of candy, do a photoshoot just 2 days before we left the city. When she sent me the photos I went through every single emotion I possess. Pure joy, giddiness, horrible sadness, hilarity, big love. Everything. These photos are so beautiful and perfect and I just keep staring at them and thinking ‘How can we possibly be in that giant city of 10 million people and this is what it looks like?!’. Yall, that is just how perfect and unexpected this city is.

Also, besides Amy being a miracle worker behind the camera, she is SO good at selfies. Like HOW?! Anyway. Below are a few of my favorite images + the only way I know how to process through things: by writing. Ive made a list of the things I am missing right now from Korea and am dwelling on how much love and life we experienced there. You can see more photos and ugly cry the way I did over on Amy’s blog. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love someone I met on the internet and how it feels like Ive known them forever and my only regret is not actually knowing her the past 29 years. But luckily I get to spend a week with her in Germany in less than 2 weeks, so I can get that candy binging high again really soon.

So enjoy the beauty and come simmer in my sadness for a bit with me wont you?


Just being in the middle of that amazing city with so much life and beauty buzzing all around me.

Walking out of the door and immediately being in the middle of an adventure.

The food. No where else in the world has the same mixture of flavor explosive foods. No Where. No Where.

Their love for the arts. Shows and concerts every day, all day, every where.

All the color and smell and texture and life.

That green oasis in the middle of that amazing city.

The ability to hike a mountain from a subway exit.

The highest class public transportation for lowest class prices.

The most adorable children in the whole world.

Life on the street.

The bustle and intermingling of every life stage all woven into one buzzing hive.

Character in every face.

The ease of a well orchestrated city, full of amenities and helpfulness.

Shopping on the street. Food vendors, cheap tourist junk, stores with their doors open.

Diversity in every corner. People, sights, sounds, smells, stores, scenery, culture, landscape, technology. Everything mingled together to create a patchwork quilt of life.

To the city of my heart, Seoul, I love you. 

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