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As part of my new lease on Project Life (get it), I have identified a few techniques or ideas that I want to include in my spread each week. To challenge me, to keep it fresh, to grow as a maker, to make my pages different. On my Planner Page that I shared with you, I listed a place for ‘techniques’ and these are what I mean. Some may not exactly qualify as an ‘art technique’, but they are different from my normal sliding photos into pockets, so that’s what I’m calling them.

So here are some challenges, ideas, techniques that I’ll be including, at least one, each week into my PL album. Most are clickable so you can see an example of someone doing this amazingly. What techniques do you want to try this year?



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  1. Caylee

    This is a fantastic collection of ideas, especially love the clickable part. Your way of getting your T to be included in the album is brilliant. I must enforce it with my own T. You’ve inspired me again ♥

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