Project Life Title Page 2014

Remember how I was so terrified to make my 2013 PL title page that I waited over a year to make it?! Well this year I was super excited to get started. After lots of contemplation and a few attempts that I didn’t like, I finally landed on a spread that I would love forever. I don’t really like intro pages to scrapbooks to have a ton of info. I like them to be pretty and clean. I also love maps and there is a possibility we will be moving mid year this year, so I know that will play a huge part in my album. So, I combined all these ideas and created this spread.


I was inspired by 2 things. First this spread that I completed for my birthday. I love the traditional scrapbook feel that it has and how it really draws focus to the center photos and celebrates the paper choice. 08-IMG_5474

Second, was this spread by Maggie Massey .  I love the map, the vellum, the simplicity.


So, out came this little beauty. I plan on using the same gold thicker letters and the same geotag in the bottom right corner to name the place we move to, if we move. If we stay put, I still love the page just the way it is!


Have you made your title page yet or are you waiting until the end of the year like I did last year? Id love to see it!


0 thoughts on “Project Life Title Page 2014

  1. Caylee

    Darling, this is so lovely. I LOVE title pages. I just want to make title pages every week. I am totally using your page as inspiration, not just for a title page, but also for a week with few photos.

    1. Lauren

      That means so much coming from you! Your title pages are beyond gorgeous. I would look at a book of yours of all title pages! Thanks so much for always being so encouraging 🙂

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