Project Life Week 1


Week 1. I am so excited to start this project right.

Ill be sharing a post soon about my ‘requirements’ for my PL this year. This page fits them perfectly. Great pics. Good color scheme. App Editing. Mixing in elements such as digital products.

This spread really focused on New Years Eve, which if you remember was smack in the middle of the week. The only other things we did that week was work and rest and had dinner with friends. I had a craft project photo, but it wasnt great, wasn’t a super important story and didn’t really fit. So I kicked it to the curb and I’m so glad I did.

I’m also working on being ok with only half page spreads like this. No more stretching 3 photos into a 12×24 spread. That’s just silly and wasteful if you are forcing it. Caylee has made some beautiful full 2 page spreads out of just a few photos, like this one, and I plan on doing that : when I have a good plan for it. Besides, if I could get a whole year into one album again that would be a super plus! But I’m not really banking on that, I’m just not forcing anything this year.

Heres to an exciting 2014 in real life and in my Project Life pages!

Products used: Paislee Press 2014 digital elements. Caylee Grey weekly cards. PL Core Kits: Midnight and Sunshine.

Techniques used: Printing on Vellum, digital elements + photos via the A Beautiful Mess app. Photos captured with the Self-Timer App.

0 thoughts on “Project Life Week 1

  1. Caylee

    I am also working on being okay with one page spreads. You can’t call them half spreads haha, that helps the dislike. 🙂

    The photo of you two in the bottom left hand corner is just so lovely.


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