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Where do you live? Seoul, South Korea

Why are you in Korea?! We are teaching at an International Christian School and love everything about Korea!

What kind of camera do you use? Most of my photos are taken with my iPhone 5s. I also have a DSLR Rebel T3 that I love.

Where do you print pictures?  I have an entire post of Where to Print Photos Anywhere in the World here. But the short answer is here in Korea I use my Selphy printer or use Emart. When I lived in the USA I used Walgreens. They have better quality than Walmart and always have great coupons and deals. I order my instagram prints through their app. It is super quick and easy, but they have to be actually instagrammed pictures, not just photos you squared up.

How do you get so many shots of yourselves when you travel? I use a tripod for my Iphone (gorilla pod from Amazon) and for my DSLR (from a thrift store) and use the self timer app/built in timer function. I set the shot and run! I prefer this over handing over my camera to a stranger, so I can frame the shot, etc.

How do you edit your photos to be those cool but odd small sizes or square? I use Picasa, free editing software from Google to print a range of square sizes and small photos. Full video tutorial here. And I use the Project Life App on my phone.

How do you edit photos? Again, I use Photoshop on my Mac. My favorite iPhone apps to edit are: A Beautiful Mess, Mystic, PicTapGo and VSCO.

Do you print at home? Yes. I have a Canon Selphy that I love. I also print digital products, embellishments, cards and print on PL cards using my normal Canon printer and print on white cardstock that I keep on hand from craft stores.

Can I guest post or advertise on your blog? As of right now I am not taking paid advertisements, but I would love to trade a guest post with you! Email me at mrslaurenhooper (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Do you get paid to talk about any of the products you use? Nope. I mention products because I love them and truly recommend them. If I don’t like a product I will tell you why/what I would improve or out of courtesy I will omit it from my posts if not relevant as to not be negative towards something that may be a perfectly good product, just not my style.

Will you review my product? Absolutely! I love free stuff 😉 If you want to send me something to review, please email me and if we feel it is a good fit, I will happily do a review and/or giveaway.

Can I use your photos? Yes! Please Pin or share any photos, but please link back to this blog.

Any more questions? Email me at mrslaurenhooper (at) gmail (dot) com

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