She & He


She is Lauren. He is Terrell. She is 25. He is 28. She is a social worker. He is a music teacher. She is from SC. He is from GA. They lived in Athens, GA for 4 years. He lived there first. She moved there to be with him. They fell in love with Athens, The New South City. They got jobs at a school in Korea and moved in July 2014. He is teaching high school/middle school chorus. She is a substitute teacher extraordinaire. They love working at the same school. She loves Korean food. He loves his scooter. They want to explore every corner of Korea. She listens to country music. He listens classical. She believes in magic. He believes in promptness. She likes to star-gaze. He likes to ride dirt roads. She reads all the time. He plays the piano. She loves crafting. He loves camping. They love to travel. She loves photography. He loves hiking. She loves pink. He loves blue. They love each other and got married 4 years ago. She blogs it. He reads it. She does Project Life. He brings her memorabilia. They love Jesus. She wants to eat food in every country of the world. He wants to ride a scooter in every country of the world. They are checking things off their bucket list everyday. She is fascinated by people. He likes her a lot. They love to host parties. She loves to cook. He loves to clean. She loves fairy tales and musicals. He loves drum lines and recycled trash bands. They love the theatre. They are very glad you are here.

***I am getting ready to update my about page but I loved this so much I didn’t want to lose it. I updated it recently to reflect our move to Korea, but I wished I had saved the original one. Note to self: save the things you love before updating them. I think Ill print this out and put it in my Project Life album and PS. I think it could be a really fun prompt for you to do too!

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