Travel Planner Printable Bundle

Need help planning, preparing, dreaming and organizing for your next big vacation or trip? Use these printable planners to make a bucketlist, pack your bags, plan your itinerary, create a to do list and frame an art print to keep you excited. The Travel Planner Printable Bundle is available from Lauren Likes Blog. Click through for more ideas and photos of how to use them. Travel Planner Printable Bundle


Why I Created These Planners
My husband and I travel 3-4 months out of the year and take lots of smaller trips in between. We know that travel takes a ton of work, preparation and configuring before you even leave the house. Through our own trips, the advice of other seasoned travellers and trial and error, I have created these travel planners for our own use to keep us organized and on track. After using them and tweaking them to be just right for us, I have tweaked them a bit more to make them just right for you. I am sharing these with travellers all over the world in hopes to give you a simple way to plan, prepare and document your adventures no matter how far or how long you are out exploring.

What’s Included In The Bundle
• Printable Trip Itinerary Planner (PDF)
• Printable Go.See.Do Bucket List (PDF, 3×4 jpg)
• Printable Packing List (PDF)
• Printable To Do List (PDF)
• Printable Vacation Art Print (PDF, 4×6 jpg)

How To Use These Printables
As you are dreaming up your next adventure, I would begin by printing a few of the itinerary planners as plans change often in the beginning stages. Use the itinerary planner to map out your route to see at a glance, add in all the stops you want to make along the way. Once your trip plans are finalized, take the itinerary with you, and share it with family, as an outline of your hotels, travel arrangements, tourist stops and more to have in one easy to read itinerary. While still in the planning stages, keep a GO.SEE.DO Bucket List on your fridge so everyone can add their wishes for the top places to see, things to do and foods to eat. Then when you get home, mark off the things you did and add this into your scrapbook! Next, use your To Do List printable as we all know there are tons of tiny things that need to get done before leaving such as booking flights, cleaning out the fridge and notifying the credit card company. And last and most important: Pack your bags! Your packing checklist has everything you could need all in one simple sheet and of course there are some blank spaces for you to add in your specific travel necessities. Just for fun and as a reminder, print and frame the ‘It’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting’ art print to keep you motivated and dreaming about your vacation. Customize it anyway you would like or leave it crisp and clean and add it to your gallery wall.

The Fine Print + Details
*Files are instantly downloadable and will be delivered to your email address as PDFs in a zip file.
*Files will be delivered via a zip file. Click here for help unzipping a file and here to download Adobe PDF reader.
*Each item comes in US Paper size and A4 International Paper size, The GO.SEE.DO Bucket List also comes as 3×4 jpg and the Art Print comes as a 4×6 jpg for pocket scrapbooking.
*Files can be reprinted as many times as necessary for as many adventures as you have!
*This is a digital product, no physical items will be sent.

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