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New Class, New Hobby, New Art: Drawing

Drawing as Self Discovery. A Skillshare Course Review by Lauren Likes

I have adored Mari Andrew’s drawings for quite a while now. She is one of the few people who’s Instagram I check daily. I have always felt her work was quirky, honest and relatable. I never thought of creating my own because a. I just didn’t think about it, b. I’m not very good at drawing and c. I felt like that would be too much of stealing or direct copying. But! Then the heavens aligned and Mari released a course on Skillshare and started teaching her technique, which is very simple, but more than that she is sharing her inspiration, her how to, her thought behind her art. I cannot finish the class because for every short video lesson I watch, I spend a few hours doodling new pages and have a whole notebook now dedicated to ideas for new drawings.

When I started taking her course it was like a light went off for me. In real life, I’m a pretty humorous person, but writing and making witty quips on the spot in conversations are not the same. But, this art form allows me to sneak in that bit of sarcasm that I love, but also be more personal, vulnerable and create cute art – all at once!

The class is short and easy to digest, but like I said, it sparks so many ideas it’s hard to get back to the lessons until you’ve fully fleshed out the ideas from the current one. Her lessons are delivered in short videos where she shares some of her art, gives you a prompt and then creates a drawing in front of you. She has great advice and is really easy and fun to follow. This course has by far topped my list of favorite and most valuable courses I have taken in a long time. 

You can use this link to get 3 months of Premium membership for .99cents and I get one month free. Win, Win! 

This drawing is not one from a prompt, but just something I started musing on this weekend as Terrell was taking out the food trash and I told him he was my hero because that shiz is Niz-ass-ty. Then I started thinking about all the other nice things he does and how he really is the hero of our house. Instantly I knew I needed to make a little doodle for him to express how much I appreciate all he does. Like I said drawing is not my greatest strength, I would say it is one of the skills where I am lacking most. But with some simple googling (and emoji studying) I was able to simply represent each trait. The beauty of this art form is that simplicity is the key to making it relatable and understandable. 

This drawing is also one that I dreamed up as I was sitting and watching the snow fall and felt like I lived in a snow globe. I thought about a few of my favorite moments ever and they seem to have that effect, where I am standing still, on the outside, and watching the beauty of life happen in front of me, almost in my hand, like the observer of a snow globe. This is certainly the least cute of the drawings, but it represented a really special moment for me and I was able to convey my message with very few words and there was a positive reaction to this on instagram where others were able to relate. Which is the goal of art!

The mental notes were semi from a prompt in the course. I was working through the course, made the mistake of checking my email and got a super annoying request. The thought ‘I wanna stab somebody’ immediately came to mind and I got right to work. After creating this I felt much better. This art form is nothing if not therapeutic and I am now thinking in these drawings…

The Heart Inventory is taking directly from Mari’s class. She gave multiple variations on this one and I feel like I could make a new one every day and I quickly realized that taking an inventory of your heart is not for the faint of heart. Mari explains how she uses art to process her life in the course and I can absolutely agree and understand how powerful these simple exercises are. 

The Resilience prompt is from lesson 1 and my mind exploded with pie chart options! SO. MANY. IDEAS. Who knew pie charts could be such fun art?! 

Clearly, you can see how much I am loving this course and am very excited to keep working through it, creating new drawings, executing more of my ideas and sharing them all! I would love if you joined me and can’t wait to see your drawings! Be sure to tag me on instagram if you join @laurenlikesblog

You can use this link to get 3 months of Premium membership for .99cents and I get one month free. Win, Win! 

Happy doodling! 

Level Up Course Review

IMG_2191My BFF Caylee just launched her productivity course: Level Up. A Creatives Guide To Getting Things Done. I was lucky enough to be one of her beta testers and got to see the course first! I have worked through the entire course and am still reeling from how 1. Beautiful, well designed and easy to navigate the website is and 2. HOW INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE AND HELPFUL THE COURSE IS. Below are my thoughts and takeaways from the course and I hope it gives you a small glimpse into how great the course is and encourages you to sign up today!

The course is currently in Pre-registration, but you get access to the amazing workbook, playlists and some other great resources to tide you over until class begins mid January. This course is perfect to get your new years resolution off to a great start and to actually maintain them. It is also perfect for anyone who needs to do anything. So that is you, I’m pretty sure.

Ps. I did get the course for free, but I would have paid every penny for it. Links are not affiliate, words and pure joy are all mine. Photos are Caylee’s.

There is nothing more overwhelming and off-putting than a course that starts with: DO A MILLION THINGS NOW. Right?! Level Up begins with you. It reminds you (or maybe introduces you) of who you are. You begin with testing, refining and defining your personality type so that as you begin doing the things you are able to see how YOU best do the things. And these are not make you feel worse about yourself tests, but honest and encouraging ones that remind you: I can do this. Then you progress to sorting the million things out that you want to do. Caylee walks you through a light bulb inducing process of finding the diamonds in the dirt of your ideas and priorities. Once you’re all ready to go with your ideas in hand, Caylee will actually get you ready to do the work. Caylee is incredibly tech savvy (evident by how beautiful the course is) but don’t be afraid because this course is for tactile workers, techy learners and for those who are not as tech efficient. Caylee will walk you through step-by-incredibly-small-step to get you set up with your all tech needs. This course will direct you in how to set yourself up for, personal and work related, daily and continuous goals and efficiency. Once you are mastering your goals, habits and routines you need to know how to maintain right? Caylee will walk you through how to find groups of like-minded people, how to create community and accountability and how to continually level up your life.

This course is not just about getting one quick project done, but about carefully and methodically figuring out what works best in your life to make you your most creative and effective self in every task and project you tackle. This course is not self help where you look to your mind or the stars for guidance, because it actually provides you with hands on tools to organize each aspect of your life and keep you moving in a forward direction. Getting organized is hard. That is a fact. But ordering your life allows for greater creativity and freedom to do the things you want to do instead of being stressed and cranky about all the things you were supposed to do last week. If you are unsure of which of the millions of online productivity courses to take because you don’t know which one will work for you: take this one. Caylee has taken the meat of each productivity theory: MIT, Pomodoro, Block Scheduling, Morning Pages, etc and explained them all in a simple format allowing you to pick and choose which ones work best for you.


Before this course I was organized, to an extent. But I always had ideas and tasks floating around in my head and on sticky notes (everywhere). But with Caylee’s encouragement to use brain dumps, organize them and then refine them around my life’s priorities, I am able to more clearly focus on one task or project that I have been able to deem as most important and to let go of the other lesser ones that were weighing my mind down. Through Caylee’s recommendations, tutorials and personal demonstrations my processes are more streamlined and I have the tools needed to put organization and automation tools in place and, with her vast array of resources, I have many more options to reevaluate if and when my needs change. This class has helped me shape and improve my organization skills, my daily habits and routines, my productivity mindset and helped map out a cycle of reevaluating and improving my workflow and habits.

This course is beautiful, inspiring and above all actionable.  

Go here for more information and I can’t wait to see you Level Up.