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How She Creates: Ep 202 Being Present

This week on How She Creates I am chatting with Brandi Kincaid who is wise, kind, colorful and inspiring. This conversation really convicted and encouraged me to get out into the world and be an observer of life. Brandi has a really special gift when it comes to being present with others and then turning small fragments of interactions and observations into very connected art. She shares her tips for listening in so you can also create more from your personal experiences, how to work through creative ruts and more about her process of taking an idea to reality. 

How She Creates Challenge

This week we have a challenge for you. After you listen to the episode, go out, experience the world and turn it into art. Then share your observations and what you make with Brandi and I using the #howshecreates hashtag so we can all be a little more connected.

Now, go listen and enjoy the show!


Show Notes

Meet Our Guest

Brandi is an illustrator and paper crafter who makes and records memories with her husband in Bellingham, Washington, a far cry from her home state of Georgia. She spends all her free moments playing with paper and glue, and drawing a version of the world around her.  When she isn’t making a mess or dreaming up new designs, she’s spending time at one of her favorite neighborhood bookshops or watching episodes of Murder She Wrote, because nothing beats J.B. Fletcher.

Connect with Brandi:
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Meet Your Host

Lauren is an American crafter, adventurer and storyteller living in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with her husband. Lauren is an art maker, grace giver, photographer of life, laugh enthusiast, creativity chaser, believer in people, inspiration aficionado, street food lover, and DIY fanatic.

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How She Creates: The Podcast

How She Creates. A podcast by artists for artists about art. Listen on Itunes or a podcast player near you!


And I forgot to tell you!

I am so sorry, for the forgetting and for taking the accidental break from blogging. I have decided not to blog while I travel as it leads to too much stress and constant guilt of falling behind. We went to Vietnam, so no blogging, then I came back and was busy busy with work, then we started recording secretly for the podcast and next thing I knew a month had gone by and it had launched and my poor little blog was whimpering in the corner from neglect! SO sorry blog!

How She Creates is a podcast by artists for artists about art. Caylee dreamed up this delicious plan and when she asked me to join, I was beyond excited to jump on board. Even though it meant adding even more to my full plate, this is the kind of dessert project you make room for by eating a few less carbs.

Art from Episode 01

Art from Episode 02

So far there are 5 episodes out and we have had the sweetest response from them! I cannot choose a favorite, so you’ll have to listen to them all and decide for yourself. The focus is always on the artist and the art. We felt like there were a lot of podcasts out there (that we loved) but they were more about creative business or only were about one craft, like decorating. We wanted to listen to a podcast that was just about making stuff for the love of making stuff. We emailed the coolest makers we know and amazingly, most of them said YES! we could pick their brains and sit and chat about art with them. We like having multiple guests on at once so it feels like were all hanging out in a coffee shop and just chatting about what we love.

They have been so generous, not only with their time and their ideas, but they also have created beautiful and exclusive gifts just for you!

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When you sign up on the How She Creates email list, you get notified every Monday when a new episode comes out and you get the free bonuses delivered right to your inbox (ps this is the ONLY way to get the gifts!).


Art from episode 01

Episode Details

In each episode we learn about the makers creative story, their process, favorite tips, tools, what challenges they face, what inspires them and all kinds of other goodness. If you want to learn about art and creativity and be inspired to make, please give us a listen and if you love it, leave us a review on iTunes! AND! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Episodes so far include:

00: Intro to who we are and the podcast. PS I share a total secret announcement in here 😉
01: The Heart Journal with Essie Ruth. AMAZING. All about creating and sharing your emotions plus we issue a fun challenge for creating an emotional color coder.
02: Collage. We talk to Lauren Caterson and Katie Licht (fangirling out) about collage, super cool tricks for evaluating your work and another fun challenge! 5 minutes of collage!
03: Community. Just Caylee and I talking about our deep love for community online and in real life. We share tips for finding and getting involved in the community that is just right for you and about a million links to communities we love.
04: Lettering. We have some seriously awesome guests this week! I love that the guests range from a span of new letterers to professionals! So many good tips in here (and the freebies are to die for!)

See all episodes, show notes and links here. 

There are 20 episodes in this season and every single one is just magical. Now go listen! Ps tell us who you want to hear from on an episode and we will do our best to get them on 🙂