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Croatia Travel Journal

Croatia Travel Journal by Lauren Likes. Tips and ideas for journaling and saving your favorite tickets, labels and all those fun little bits when you travel to capture the beauty of your travels without overwhelming your time and energy.

Last summer we took a dream trip through Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. We drove the coast, explored the mountains and pretty much lived in a fairy tale for 3 weeks. Croatia and Slovenia are stoked full of the most surreal and idyllic cities and landscapes. The turquoise oceans, the red/orange rooftops of 1000 year old cities, flowers in every window and truffles on everything. It is a delight for your senses and an artists’ pleasure.

While travelling I wanted to be in every moment, but every moment came back to back to back and faster and faster and we were a bit overwhelmed with the gorgeousness of every turn we made. Thankfully I came prepared with a beautiful and simple travel journal and I only needed a few moments each day to capture the highlights of our trip so as to not lose the beauty of our time.

Below is the process I used for capturing this trip in my travel journal. I am passionate about collecting your memories, but not letting them sit on a shelf. But turning them into inspiration and that inspiration into art.

If you would like to move your photos and notes from the page to the canvas of your choice, join me in my course Travel Like An Artist. You will learn how to take the beauty, flavors, colors, ideas and inspiration from your latest trip and turn it into new, unqiue and inspired artwork. Learn more here.



  • Have your journal prepped and ready to go, don’t waste time and energy creating each page background when you could be traveling, eating or sleeping
  • Spend 5 minutes working every night
  • Do the least amount possible. Decide what is important for you to document and do, at least, the bare minimum each night so that you have the most important parts recorded. Anything in addition is just gravy 😉
  • Keep a generic format for your journaling: date, location, general overview of your day and the highlight.
  • Veer off the format and simply write a note about your favorite part of the trip so far or a love letter to a new type of tea you tried and loved.
  • Don’t over pack. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with supplies
  • Use those tickets and pretty papers you pick up! Hoarding is not cute or useful
  • Throw away papers and things you pick up as you travel. What you think is an absolute necessity today likely wont be tomorrow. I usually always pick up a pamphlet, map, etc everywhere we go and then every few days sort through and toss out the ones that are ugly, boring, useless, duplicates, just too heavy, etc.
  • Always buy postcards…
  • Get creative. Find ways to use elements, like larger maps or double-sided tickets. Fold things up, only tape them down on one side.
  • Keep what is important to YOU. Some people keep receipts, tags, napkins, notes, trash, tickets. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you like, staple it in. Some of my favorite things to collect are beer or drink labels, tickets, things in other languages and receipts.
  • Be ok with blank space. You don’t have to fill the whole journal or every page. This is why having a pre-prepped journal is nice, some pages can speak for themselves.
  • It’s ok to rip things. I fear, in the moment, ripping something up to use a small portion that I will regret it forever but I never once have. There is still plenty left over to scrapbook with.
  • This journal is about journaling, not about being the most beautiful, so let some expectations go.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our summer and my journal. This book, because of all it’s wonkiness and random memories and items always tends to be one of my favorites. These moments that I collected in here are some of my favorite and will last beyond my lifetime because I took the time to stop and write them down.

I hope you are inspired to create your own travel journal and to record your memories. I am working on a new class focused on just this, so be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be the first to hear when it is available!

Additional Resources

For The Love Art Journal

For The Love Mini Book by Lauren Likes1Hi friends! Im back again this week with another ‘older’ mini art journal. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen me obsessively posting about Jen Hatmaker’s new book For The Love and then seen a few sneaks of this mini. A few different friends recommended the book to me and I almost read it in one sitting, then made ALL my other friends read it. Then started a book club at lunch to talk about it. Then made a whole mini art journal with quotes from it because it was just THAT GOOD. You can read my full review of the book here.

I made this book after taking Caylee’s new art journal class on Studio Calico (by far one of my favorite classes iv’e taken in a LONG time). I took 4 full pages of notes from the book, but I paired them down to these as my favorite/the shorter ones that fit on these pages. This is one of my favorite art journals i’ve made as it is themed, beautiful and was pretty simple to make. I actually built the base and then took a pen and finished while travelling as I had already painted the pages and everything was very simple. This was a great travel journal technique. I would highly recommend checking out the class before it goes away and reading this book as if your life depends on it. Enjoy these fun pages and amazing quotes from Jen Hatmaker. 
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Color Colour Minibook

paislee-Color-Mini-projectbyhooper00I believe I have made my new all time favorite minibook. When I was in the Philippines there was color EVERYWHERE. I was obsessed with taking every colorful photo I could find. There was color in everything and I could not get enough. Therefore, I made an entire minibook to celebrate it. I used all of my favorite papers from Paislee Press and made my favorite kind of book. Full of funky pages, lots of surprise turns and fun little embellishments. You can see the whole tutorial and how to make your own book over on the Paislee Press blog. paislee-Color-Mini-projectbyhooper09