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How She Creates Ep 211: Big Projects

Want to take on a BIG project or challenge? Here are concrete steps and tips to setting your project up for success, keeping your momentum and finishing strong. Click through to listen.
Today is a special episode! It’s just me today and Im walking you through, in depth, how to choose, prepare, start, maintain and finish a big project well. I share my story and tips from completing the 100 Day Project this year and how you can complete your own project. This episode is SUPER practical and hopefully will help you be very successful in any project you do, no matter the size. This episode is actually a free lesson from my new course Stories From Here. Which is a course, based on my 100 Day Project, that helps you tell the story of where you live through photographs and stories. This can be a big project, so I want my students to be prepared to be successful at it and any other big project they tackle. To help you get started with a practice challenge and to test out the course I have created a 5 day instagram challenge with prompts similar to the course prompts. 5 photography and 5 journaling prompts that will help you tell the story of your home, neighborhood and city. All you have to do is to sign up for my newsletter to get the challenge and participate by sharing your photos on instagram using the hashtag #storiesfromhereclass.


How She Creates Challenge

Sign up below to get access to the challenge. I’ll also be doing a giveaway to anyone who participates this week, one person will be entered to win a spot in the course free! Share your work under #storiesfromhereclass and #howshecreates to be entered to win.

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Now go listen & enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Meet Your Host

Lauren is an American crafter, adventurer and storyteller living in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with her husband. Lauren is an art maker, grace giver, photographer of life, laugh enthusiast, creativity chaser, believer in people, inspiration aficionado, street food lover, and DIY fanatic.

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