The Postcard Project


Traveling isn’t cheap. Souvenirs are somehow more expensive than a hotel sometimes. So, being frequent travelers, cheap and a memory keeper I found a way to best capture our travels in one tiny book. I love that postcards were outdated and made a comeback. I have been randomly collecting postcards from trips for years, but they have just been left sitting.


Then one day, I came across this adorable, old school photo album at a goodwill for 99 cent! Also, someone had left their photos in there, so if you’re reading this and want them back….ummm I hope you had a copy….Anyway, it was a steal!


After a little brain storming, the obvious solution hit me: I would just slip in the postcards in the pages and write about our trip on the back! Easy, quick, cheap, efficient. I have YEARS worth of trips included in here and haven’t even used half of the page protectors. Even if I do, I believe I know of a memory keeping system that has similar ‘pocket pages’…..


Everywhere we go I pick up a cheap 25 cent postcard, write about what we did, who we went with, the weather, our favorite thing, etc, I stamp it with a date stamp and slip it in. Done! One day many years from now, we will be able to look back at every trip and remember in just a few sentences the highlights of our trip and have an iconic photo to go with it!1-IMG_5573

What about trips you take and can’t find a postcard?!?! Well, the beauty of thrift stores is that they have TONS of old postcards, which to me are sometimes WAY cooler, that you can purchase for 10 cent. I always stop to pursue the postcard box in a thrift or antique store and look for places we have been that I don’t have a card for or for places we are going to go. If there is writing on there, swoon, then slip a Project Life card or just a piece of card stock in with it to hold your journaling. And when, you just cant find one, make your own postcard! Choose an iconic photo you took, add text through an app like “Las Vega, NV. Sin City”, print it, add card stock to the back and journal! Voila! Problem solved.6-IMG_5568

This is a fun, simple and inexpensive way to remember all your great trips in one simple place. Do you have  a tradition of always getting a certain souvenir on trips? How do you keep all your memories if not in a photo album?






4 thoughts on “The Postcard Project

  1. Caylee

    Half way through last year I decided to start collecting postcards. I really love it as a brief overview of the places we’ve been and I find other types of souvenirs, like fridge magnets bulky and expensive. Love how cheap postcards are, and paper has always been my jam. Love that you write on yours. I didn’t on mine, and stuck them against an album. Maybe I will share it on my blog one day 🙂

    1. Lauren

      YES! Do share!! If Im being totally honest, I buy more than one and put them in my albums and use them as decorations to frame and such…

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