Toilet Paper Art

This is absolutely the most popular piece of artwork in our home, so I decided that this would be the perfect tutorial to start with! This is made from all recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls, but everyone thinks it is made of iron. It is super light weight and you can change it to look anyway you would like and costs less than 1$!

I found a picture of this on pinterest and LOVED it! There was no tutorial that I could find, so I figured I would just figure it out and it turned out to be super simple and really fun. The hardest part was the looooooong wait that it took to gather and hoard and “steal” enough toilet paper/paper towel rolls. But once I thought I had enough (and couldn’t wait any longer) I began! So here’s how:

First gather as many paper towel/toilet paper rolls that you need (mine took a LOT) and then begin cutting them into 1 inch strips. You don’t have to make them perfect, I like how mine turned out with lots of texture from the different sizes, but you want them kind of close in size.

Then form your center flower with as many petals as you would like with the tips touching and pushing them as close together as you can.

Next, like a puzzle, start laying new pieces in the in-between crevices however you like them!

Then you just keep adding….and keep adding…and keep adding…Until it is the size and shape that you want. I wanted mine really large, because it took up a whole focal point of a large empty wall, but mine ended up a little more square than I wanted.

Then, were you’re all done adding (or at least you get the hang of it) start glueing. This is the most time consuming part of the whole project. You have to individually glue each piece together, starting from the center and work your way out. I found hot glue was very quick and held really well.

Once you’re done, head outside with your spray paint color of choice. We used one entire bottle of 99 cent black spray paint from The Wal-Mart (yes, I call it THE Wal-Mart). You may want to wear gloves when spraying it because you have to pick up your piece to spray inside all the funny angles it has. We had to let it dry and came back to it to finish because of how large it was and we didn’t want to smear the already sprayed parts.

 I also think that it would be really cool to do two different colors in one piece, it would probably be better to spray paint the individual pieces (which would be very time consuming-but worth it) then glue them together randomly or in a nifty pattern!

Once it dries, you’re ready to hang!  We used 4 tiny nails (because it was so large) so that there wasnt too much weight on a single thin piece of cardboard and it has held just fine! We love this piece so much and get SO many compliments and NO ONE EVER guesses that it is good ole recycled toilet paper remnants!

Happy creating! Let us know how it goes for you if you try this and let us know what else you have made from awesomely recycled TP!

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59 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Art

  1. Terri P.

    This looks fantastic! I was saving rolls for a while and then stopped. I’m going to start again now with this project in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Giselle

    Hi, I love doing this technique so much! just a tip, I staple my pieces together rather than glue them, it looks the same and takes much less time!!

  3. TY

    Wow This is really Cool
    Im doing it no doubt will send you a pix hopefully , that plain wall of mine is gonna have this . love it love it love it.

  4. Karen

    Thank you for the tips! I have been saving my rolls for awhile and am anxious to get started. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I really like what you did, so I’ll do something similar – maybe one large one with two small ones to the side. Yours looks absolutely gorgeous!

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  6. April W

    I love this so much I will be asking co-workers to save their empty rolls for me….I cant wait to make this…..Thank you for the share…:0)

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    1. Lauren

      Sara, you glue them as you go, including the first ones. You may want to lay them out to see how you like it before glueing though. But they all need to be glued. Only lay out a few layers because when glueing time comes you have to start over technically by pulling them apart agsin, so don’t spend too much time on the layout!

    1. Lauren

      Hi debra! I cut them with plain old scissors but you will have to flatten them to get them to cut easier, so I would flatten them the way I wanted then cut! Good luck!

  8. Jen

    Thanks for posting this great DIY upcycle project. My boyfriend and I made one and got hooked and made a few smaller ones too! We really enjoyed this craft and recycling our tp rolls

  9. Mo

    I am in the middle of doing mine right now! I chose to make the center pieces taller (about two inches) and then smaller as it goes out (1/2 an inch). I really like the way that it is turning out! Thanks for the painting advise!

    1. Lauren

      I think that is a great idea! I would measure your mirror and leave a hole a little bit smaller, then hang your mirror separately from the piece. That way it is interchangeable! You could even do a picture in the middle! Does that Make sense?

  10. heather

    Great idea!I was thinking about getting a hard posterboard and spreading modgepodge on it and then placing the pre-sprayed rolls in the desired design. then sprinkling glitter?? Just a thought who knows ha

  11. Crystle

    I saw the post on pinterest a while ago and have been saving rolls for this purpose! I must say that I love yours more; I love the idea of making a statement piece out of it. We have so many large, empty walls that are driving me nuts and this is perfect! I do plan on making it with multiple picture frames incorporated in the design – perhaps later with mirrors as well! Thank you! 🙂

  12. Ruth

    I will have to fight my husband for the rolls as he uses them to plant seeds in. Keeps the slugs away. Love your art work.

    1. Lauren

      Wait! That is so great! Ive never heard that before! So, do you just plant the seeds in the roll in the ground and it will just disintegrate? Do you cut them down any or use the whole thing? That is such a great idea! Thanks! I also kept paper towel rolls and had friends collect them for me, so maybe that way you guys can share 🙂

      1. Ruth

        My husband starts the seeds off in the greenhouse in the tubes. As the plant grows he puts it into the garden, tube and all biodegradable back to the earth.

  13. Berny

    This is awesome. I’ve been crafting with the kids on this same thing. We call them our sunburst. They just keep adding to theirs or start another. This is super easy, fun, and very cheap. Thanks for sharing.

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  16. Diann

    This is a beautiful work of art! I want to make one soon. I am moving into a new home soon so this will be my first project.

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