How I use Instagram to plan my scrapbooks

How to use instagram to plan your scrapbooks by Lauren Likes

Instagram is the best. I wish all other social media would disappear and we could just all use instragram. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about how I use Instagram to plan my scrapbooks. It’s really easy, you just have to be mindful of it and honestly we are all instagraming our lives away anyway, so it shouldn’t be much of a stretch for you if you are already using this magical majestic unicorn of an app! I’ll show you how I did this on a trip to Jeju + the minibook I made using this technique.

The main thing you have to do is have a plan. Here is what I do:

1. Take a fun photo that encapsulates your experience at each individual place/event/etc.

For example, we went Tangerine picking, so I took a photo of the tangerines. If i cant remember the tangerine picking from the tangerine photo then there is no hope for me….Make sure you are taking lots of photos of your time at each location as normal, but especially if you are using your big camera make sure to snap one quick phone photo that really sums up each stop.

Jeju Minibook by Lauren-Likes

2. Post that one photo on instagram as you are leaving that specific place.

I understand for safety reasons people do not like sharing real-time photos, but this lets you keep the memories fresh. On this trip we were taking a tour bus. So as I would be sitting on the bus waiting on the rest of the group I would post my photo, religiously. Establish a routine: no one gets in the car until mom grams it, etc. Telling your trip mates will help remind you, hold you accountable and make it not awkward to hold everyone up and that way other people can get in on it too!

How to use instagram to plan your scrapbooks by Lauren Likes

 3. Geotag it.

Again, since you are posting as you are leaving, safety shouldn’t be an issue. But if you are still worried, hit the geotag button, make a quick note of where you are and then delete it from the photo. Using the geotag lets you remember EXACTLY what a location is called and have the correct spelling. Especially when I travel internationally or go a lot of places in one trip or to not well-known places or stumble upon completely new unplanned places, I always forget what they are called. This fixes that problem!

How to use instagram to plan your scrapbooks by Lauren Likes

4. Write about it.

This is not the time to post a joke or a deep musing thought, etc. Legit write about what you did. “We went Tangerine picking for 2 hours and came home with a huge bag of fruit for 12$! The kids loved it and Layla ate her weight in Tangerines and we learned the Korean word for xxxxx.” This may not be your everyday style of instagramming but it will let your followers have a deeper glimpse into your trip and it allows you to have all the facts and little things you may not remember when you sit down to collect your memories weeks or months (or years) later. Writing it here in journaling style will preserve it for you!

How to use instagram to plan your scrapbooks by Lauren Likes

5. Create your scrapbook!

This is the fun part! When I sit down to scrapbook I will print all my photos, gather ephemera and scrapbook supplies and begin. I will then sort out photos into events/days/locations and then I will pull up instagram on my phone to help me organize. With just glancing at my feed I can quickly arrange the photos in order of event. Then as I work on each individual event I can open that photo see my location and remember the main points that I journaled about. And usually the photo I instragrammed is my favorite photo from that event so I already have one photo to really spotlight on the page.

Jeju Minibook by Lauren-Likes

Imploring these simple strategies will take away all the guessing and confusion when you sit down to scrapbook and helps you instagram without spamming your followers and tell a complete story! See the whole book here, see the photos of the trip here and here. 

Do you have any tips or tricks you use when travelling to help you remember things on the go?

4 thoughts on “How I use Instagram to plan my scrapbooks

  1. Jessica

    Love this idea! I’m always just trying to remember everything until we get home and then scribble down the details on a scrap of paper that may or may not get lost by the time i print and scrapbook my pictures! Thank you so much for sharing such a great idea.

      1. John

        Great read! Using the geo tag location feature is so useful! And whilst doing all this you will probably get more instagram followers as they will be jealous of your adventures!!

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