We’re all about the money, honey

We’re all about the money honey! Ok so not really, well kinda? Today’s post is another travel souvenir throwback from our travels. Welp, to get right down to business, my mom has been saving coins from her travels for years and it finally came to a point where foreign coins were flowing out of small crevices in their house. So, mom bought a dollar wooden frame from Michaels and we got out the glue gun! All great crafty statements involve “and then we got out the glue gun”….Here we go!



Apparently a constant theme we have around here is arranging and arranging and arranging. Arranging is the name of the game in projects like these. Once we had them all perfectly layered, we glued them down and Ta-Da! All done 🙂

I just love all the details and the Orthodox cross, so beautiful!

What have you done with old money lately? Pun intended?

2 thoughts on “We’re all about the money, honey

  1. Karen

    The frame is cool, Lauren, and so is the photo. You’ll have to let mom & sis know how much I liked it!! =)

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