Around Here

Hi friends! Sorry for the radio silence this week, but know that my instagram is ALWAYS active as I am beyond in love with those little squares and you can always find me @laurenlikesblog. But since I have left you hanging, I thought an around here post would be the best way to catch you up because silence here means a bunch of crazy stuff is going on EVERYwhere else!IMG_7301

Around here we are wrapping up the end of the school day with lots of fun, a flurry of activities and too many sad goodbyes. But the best thing we have done by far is field day!!

Around here it is the last week to purchase postcards as I am retiring them when I leave for summer travelling. So grab them if you want them!

Around here I am planning, planning, planning! Of course I’m using these travel printables, to get everything down for our Croatia roadtrip! WOO HOOO! Give me some coastline + cobble stone please and thank you.

Around here we are counting down the days until we will be home to celebrate weddings! babies! summer! life! 21 days!!!BPC-Lauren-03

Around here I am contributing to the new Big Picture Class Just Add Color! Learn a fun new watercolor technique with me and about a million other cool things we the other amazing contributors!

Around here we are LOVING seeing your responses to the FREE Intro to Art Journaling course from Get Messy! EEK! PS this is the ultimate basics class, so if you just have no idea where to start, take this class.IMG_7158

Around here I am reading the book For The Love by Jen Hatmaker and it is speaking straight to my heart so much that I have started a lunch group to discuss it, am posting endlessly on instagram about it and am making an entire art journal based on it.IMG_7308

Around here I just got my new Get To Work Book and it is so amazing, I cannot wait to get some big plans and ideas in it!

Around here I am shopping endlessly on Poppy and Dot. Buying adorable dresses on instagram? Yes please/send help.

Around here I am not even pretending like saying goodbye is going to be easy. Too many good friends are leaving and I am feeling about 18 different emotions surrounding it.IMG_7300

Around here I am listening to the Simple Show podcast. Simple Living for the win.

Around here it is concert season, non stop.

Around here I am tired. Seriously guys. Sleep ya later.

Mum I love you

Paislee-MOM-layoutbyhooperHappy birthday to my wonderful and amazing mom and mother in law! Yep, you read that right, birthday, both of them. We are so lucky to have such awesome moms and the whole world is so lucky to be able to honor their moms in scrapbook pages using Liz’s Dear Mom templates from Paislee Press.

This was my first page I made using the Fuse Tool and let’s just say…Im glad this page is still in one solid piece. There is quite the learning curve with those, but I love all the possibilities that come with this tool and that is keeping me trying.

Happy birthday to the lady who gave me a scrapbooking addiction. I love you tons and tons.

11/52 Self Portraits: family


Family. family. The same, yet different. When your Family is 7,264 miles away, you need a family. A family to laugh with, a family to complain with. A family to be annoyed by and a family to care for you. A family to cry with and to be silly with. A family who will not judge you but will make fun of you. A family who will travel the globe to see you. A family who will still break your heart. A family that will eventually become a family that spans the globe again. A family that will grow and will shrink and take on new life and new meaning. A family of different origins and languages, but of all the same heart. Family and family forever.

Ps this is not our whole family here in Korea, but this is a very special part of it that is coming to an end very soon and we will grow and change, but forever remain family.

52 Portraits is a photography course in self discovery by Vanessa and is hosted through Get Messy Art Journal. The course is a year-long journey in using photography and words to turn your reflection inward and capture who you are at this phase in your life. Learn more and join the course here. See all of my portraits here.