Let’s Push Pause


Im going to push pause for a few weeks.

On everything.

On blogging. On Instagram. On deadlines. On self-imposed expectations. On overwhelm and overload.

Instead, Im going to just let some things happen.

Im going to go to bed early. Im going to read books. Im going to make stuff just for the sake of making it. Im going to focus on my job and checking things off my to do list. Im going to write, because I love it, not to fill posts.

Ron Swanson told me to never half ass two things, but to whole ass one. So thats what Im going to do. And because I know you are wonderful, you and the internet will still be here when I get back in a week or two.

Oh, and when I get back, there will be lots of fun to be had.

See you then loves.

Birthday Celebration at Jeung Island

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Because my husband is amazing (and he would be missing my actual birthday due to 6th grade field trip chaperoning) and because we were in the most desperate need of a relaxing getaway, he booked a weekend away for us. Did I mention how amazing he was? The best part was that he planned everything. The hotel, the train tickets, the rental car. Everything. All I did was show up. That is the best kind of trip. We took a half day on Friday and rode the KTX fast train all the way down to the bottom of Korea (God bless this peninsula), rented a car and then drove over to Jeungdo (do means island) where we stayed at a gorgeous, ocean front resort and spent Saturday at the spa. We wrapped ourselves in boiling hot towels drenched in essential oils, laid inside a furnace and sat in hot tubs. It was exhausting….

Then we spent the afternoon exploring the salt farms! This island is famous for salt farming and was so interesting. (also there is nothing else to do on the island in winter) There was a museum, but we skipped it. We walked out and saw them shoveling salt to see how they harvested it from the ocean. SO much salt! Then we had the most delicious pork for lunch that we have, hands down, ever had in Korea. It was cooked with the sea salt but was not at all salty. We finished our day with again, the most delicious, sea salt ice cream that had raspberry salt sprinkled flavor on it. I would pay a lot of money to go back for one of those right now. We stayed in Mokpo the second night so we could be at the train station early Sunday morning. It was the best, most relaxing travel weekend (or any weekend) we have had in a long time. Short and sweet. Here are a few photos we snapped and a minibook is already in progress. Photos to come!

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My Creative Story Part 10: Get Messy Becomes A Business

My Creative Story in Business, Blogging and Crafting by Lauren-Likes Blog. A series.

Read Why I Am Telling My Creative Story and see each part of the story here. 

I told you how Get Messy got it’s start here. I shared how it grew to be too big for an email thread and then for a facebook group. Here is what happened next.

Around this time Caylee and I have realized that Get Messy has taken on a life of its own and it needs a LOT of admin work and that people want MORE. We realize for this to be long-term, sustainable project for us to manage that we need this to become a monetary investment for the participants. We are officially terrified. But we know we have to do it and that Get Messians are the most loyal humans on the internet and we know they will come with us.

And spoiler alert: almost every single one of them did.

We started dreaming, made the announcement and starting working. Hard. At this point Caylee and I are a machine that works together seamlessly. I am writing prompts and taking promo pics. She is building the site and working on branding. We are making crazy progress and yet cannot figure out a price point. Neither of us have ever done this kind of thing before and it doesn’t really exist, so we can’t just use someone else’s model. We don’t feel comfortable charging a lot because we honestly don’t have a clue of what we are doing. But we need to charge something. Finally we decide on 25$ as the final price. 15$ for current members and 20$ for early adopters. My goal, which Caylee thinks is crazy, is that I will be happy if 100 people sign up within the first two months.

Needless to say, we were fools. HUNDREDS of people signed up. IMMEDIATELY. We made more money than we did at our day jobs when we first opened registration. And as the price rose, we saw no drop in registration. We learned SO much from this experience.

This was my first real go at earning money online and I was blown away. But I know that this was only successful due to, first, my partner Caylee, second, the Get Messy community, and third an ENTIRE YEAR of working really hard for free. At times, Get Messy is so big and such a living breathing entity all on its own, that I forget it is my baby that I created through a text message.

Now, almost a year later, we are only days away from announcing yet another new year plan for Get Messy! That is how much this amazing community has grown. So in just a few months I went from no real online business to running a thriving, 500+ member community. It feels overnight and yet at the same time it feels like it has always been here and a part of who I am and what I do everyday. This creative journey is a fun one…

Read Why I Am Telling My Creative Story and see each part of the story here.