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Each month I record what I am doing, loving, eating, thinking, feeling currently + pair it with my favorite photo from the month. I use this calendar to mark the month. Then I turn them into a mini scrapbook that tracks our entire year in quick, fun facts. See them all here. 

This month I thought I would do this post a bit differently. Today is our 6 year anniversary + the first time I’ve seen my husband in 2 weeks. So excited is an understatement for today’s emotions. For this currently edition, I’m going to share our favorite activities as a couple in our 6th year of mwarraige.

Watching TV shows + movies is still one of our favorite things to do together. Though moving to Korea we have cut back a ton and never watch TV and eat dinner anymore, we will sometimes watch a show before bed and tend to use weekends to binge watch things like New Girl, The Blacklist, Blindspot and Bloodline.

Listening to NeedtoBreathe. It’s still our favorite go to music for us both.

Reading mystery, productivity, self-help + creativity books. We have been listening to audiobooks on all of our trips together and it is by far one of our favorite things to do together. This year we have read Scary Close, The Expats, For The Love, Daring Greatly and I Am Pilgrim.

Loving camping, audiobooks, mystery shows, scooter rides, fancy concerts, walks, ice cream cones (not milkshakes in a bag), korean babies (because they are the cutest), kimbop + ramyeon, milk tea, road trips, Target, making stuff, dreaming, goal setting, planning, steak.

Wearing higher quality things we love. We have both found our styles I would say in the past few years and have been working to both create wardrobes with things we love that are also made well. For T that is tailor-made shirts and for me that is pretty much anything Poppy and Dot sales. 

Using technology to make life easier, better, smarter. T is certainly the leader in our house when it comes to buying and using gadgets. But they truly do make life better. We have tried to streamline everything we do/need organized to technology which makes travelling so much easier and managing/sharing things like money, responsibilities, etc a breeze. As long as the apocalypse doesn’t happen…

Eating like world-class grown ups. Every year our taste buds and food budgets have grown. We started out eating some very questionable spaghetti with frozen chicken nuggets…now we can eat a different world cuisine every night of the week. We eat healthier and with the pallets of true foodies. This is one of my favorite parts of our lives. #laurelikesfood 

Laughing constantly and loudly. Since we met, Terrell’s humor is always what has drawn me to him and we are constantly laughing at each other, at others (in a nice-ish way), at jokes, at the world. Laughing is so much more fun than fighting.

Working together and it is a freaking dream. It has to be our favorite part of living/working here in Korea. Also, the most annoying 😉 We get to see each other randomly at work and be involved in each others important events, etc. But also, we are constantly annoyed at the other persons schedule and tend to get trapped in a spiral of companion complaining, you know where you are both annoyed at the same thing or for one another and it just keeps going round and round. But, we love working together and now that we’ve spent 1/3 of our marriage doing that, it’s going to be a sad sad day when it ends.

Travelling everywhere, all the time. We dreamed of and planned for and waited for this lifestyle since our first year of marriage. Every choice we made those first 4 years was with this goal in mind and were here and we love it. We cannot fathom changing this and spend most of our time travelling or planning to travel. We have become pretty good travel partners and there is no one I would rather spend 3 weeks living in a van with….

Planning for some big changes on the horizon. No kids in the near future or even distant future mom. But changes and new things and different adventures. No real plans yet, but dreams and ideas and goals and working towards them.

Goals for our marriage have always been to laugh, grow, love/serve/give to others, learn as much as we can, travel as much as we can, make amazing friends, follow Jesus, make art and music, eat good food and to find adventure but also to find a lot of lazy Sundays. We’re accomplishing them all slowly, but don’t plan to quit.

Happy anniversary my love, this has been the best 8 (together) years of my life. Let’s shoot for 80. 

Get Messy Blog Hop + Giveaway

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Welcome to the end of the Get Messy blog hop! If you have arrived here after visiting all the creative team member blogs, congratulations for making the rounds and you’re welcome for inspiring you SO much 😉 if you haven’t made your way all the way through the hop and come back to me to close the loop, hop on over to Cait’s blog and follow the hop back to me. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you…Get Messy Art Journal is giving away a free membership! Click for details

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Giveaway closes on Saturday July 23rd. 

As you are reading this, I have literally just landed in the country of Korea, home. We have been travelling to go to America-Home and to Europe-fun place but not home, for the past 2 months. We are tired but so inspired and heading back to work asap (a little too asap). But, here we go!

I thought it would be fun to share a peek into my travel creating and what I pack so that I can get my artsy buzz while on the road. What to pack when travelling for art journaling and memory keepers.

I tried to pack as minimally as I could, which is hard for me ok! If you are a member of Get Messy, you may have seen the live chat we did on Facebook where Caylee and I went through one another’s travel bags and assessed each other’s travel art supplies. So fun and so clear that our definitions of minimalism are much different. Anyway, here is what I packed and/or bought along the way during our trip.

Travelogue made by Vanessa
Moleskin sketchbook for painting
Travel Journal

Ballpoint pen
Thick black pen/marker
Gold gel pen

Paint supplies:
Paint brush size 1
Paint brush size 6

Mini stapler
Tape runner

Date stamp
Stazon ink, black

Pencil sharpener
Pencil eraser
2 washi tapes 
Bubble mailer envelope for ephemera
Gallon size and small ziplock bags for larger ephemera and things for our travel jars
Travel bag from Target

To enter the contest, leave a comment. Remember the more comments you leave on blogs in the hop, the more entries you have in the giveaway. So tell me, are you a minimalist or over packer for your travel art supplies and what supplies must you take?

We have a winner! If this is your comment please send me an email and we can get you set up! If I do not hear back from the winner within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen. This comment was left on Vanessa’s blog.

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Currently: May & June


Each month I record what I am doing, loving, eating, thinking, feeling currently + pair it with my favorite photo from the month. I use this calendar to mark the month. Then I turn them into a mini scrapbook that tracks our entire year in quick, fun facts. See them all here. 

Somehow I forgot May! May certainly happened, here are the highlights:

Reading: For The Love

Watching: Bloodline!

Listening: Action Army, Being Boss and StoryBrand Podcasts

Enjoying good weather!

Hiking and camping and sleeping outside, oh my!

Feeling overwhelmed with all the work that is left to be done

Procrastinating on the work

Saying too many goodbyes

Not packing


And onto June!

Reading: The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Listening: For The Love (again with Terrell!)

Loving being home with family

Amazed at how my friends are AMAZING mothers

Snuggling all the babies!

Laughing at the bigger kids questions: Do you have an accent now?

Entertained by Korean facemasks I brought home as gifts

Proud that I remembered thank you cards this trip!

Heartbroken for the bombings in Istanbul

Dreaming of returning

Unprepared for our upcoming travels!

Overloaded from all the Target, Walmart, Target and Target trips

Reminded of who my people are

Grateful they are mine

Sweating. Just sweating.