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Currently I am….

Changing my instagram name to LaurenLikesBlog to make things more cohesive around here.

Honored to be featured on Caylee’s blog for a creative interview. 

Spoiler alert: I answered all her questions with GIFs….

Listening to audio books! Any suggestions, particularly if you have ScribD?

Finishing everything! Tons of projects, but my main goal is to finish Project Life for the year by the end of the year.

Loving Amy Poehler’s book Yes, Please!

Reading Enders Game with Gone Girl on deck.

Watching Gilmore Girls.

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my love for Lorelai…

The New Get Messy Art Journal ProgramGrateful for the wonderful response from the Get Messy announcement! Thank you a million times over for your love and support and encouragement!

Anxiously awaiting the officially launch in February!

Waiting on my new A Beautiful Mess Planner to come in so I can PLAN ALL THE THINGS!

Planning a new business venture for next year.

Learning to knit in the round.

Packing for Thailand!

Cooking these! (not really cooking, more of molding? Either way they look delicious!)

Celebrating making it through the first semester at our new school!

Wrapping up blogging for 2014! I’ll be back in 2015!

Reminding you I wont be here on the blog for a few weeks as I’ll be taking a holiday break in Thailand, but you can keep up with our adventures on Instagram @LaurenLikesBlog

Taking suggestions for things to do in Thailand?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Lauren Likes Blog

Book Review

One of my goals for my 14 for 14 project (achieve 14 goals in 2014) was to read 2 books a month. I am about 3 or 4 books shy of my goal, depending on how many I read over Christmas break. Either way I’m very happy with the amount of reading I have done this year, but as it is one of my most beloved hobbies, I always have a list longer than I could ever accomplish of books to read. Here is a review of the more recent books I have read. Book Reviews by Lauren-Likes 

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: I became obsessed with these books. They are completely ludicrous, like so far-fetched they aren’t any where close to believable (obviously because they are fiction). But! I was so into these, I HAD to find out what happened. This book had a few elements that I generally love and hate in books. It has flashbacks, I love. It has lots of mystery, murder, plot twists and cliff hangers; I love. It also has teenagers acting like adults, being way too dramatic, harping on little things, and doing things beyond their teen limits; annoys me. Synopsis without spoilers: teen girl thinks dead ex boyfriend is after her and finds out she and her new boyfriend have strange powers. Again, weird, but you wont be able to put it down.

The Evolution of Mara Dyer: This is book 2 in the series and is a literal extension of the first book, as in it picks up at the same moment the first ends. So, really its one long book (including the 3rd). I finished this book in half the time because this is where all the action happens and you find out if she is crazy or not. These books have tons of intriguing characters and lots of plot twists and you truly don’t know if the main character is crazy or not because she doesn’t know either. So good, again weird because the kids have ‘powers’ that are strange, but so good. I cant wait to finish the 3rd one. These are for you if you like teen, science (ish not much) fiction murder mystery type books. 

Show Your Work: Austin Kleon does it again. After Steal Like an Artist we were all ready to dive in and make stuff, but Show Your Work takes it the next level. Each chapter is written in his unique style of doodles, short snippets of stories of famous people, quotes, etc. It can be read in a day, but don’t! I literally had to keep putting it down to go DO THE STUFF he was telling me to do. Every chapter has at least one or more, easy, actionable steps for you to take instantly no matter what you do. His books are ones I will refer back to over and over. This book is for you if you want to grow your online presence, share your work with others, get feedback on your work, gain insight into how makers make and inspire others with your process. 

Enders Game: I am 80% done with this book, but I likely will not finish the trilogy. I will see the movie though. This book is about a future society that is battling the aliens and training children to grow up to be soldiers. This book has my least favorite thing: children being grown ups; using language and reasoning far beyond their reach. I cannot believe that I am reading about an 8-year-old saving the world, something about that does not click in my brain as I read. It is intriguing, but the more of these type books I read the more I realize that sci-fi is just not my thing. This book is for you if you like teen sci-fi with lots of action and futuristic societiess.

Yes, Please: Hands down best book of the year and in my top 3 easily. Funny, relatable, intriguing, precious. AMY LETS BE BFFS, OK?! I actually listened to this on audio and I recommend that above reading it as she chats with you and others in the audio reading and you don’t get that in the book. She also has tons of other people reading and the final chapter reading is live at her theatre she started. It seriously doesn’t get any better. Caution: LOTS of bad language, adult content and drug use. Honest doesn’t even begin to describe how she shares her views and life. As a maker with bigger aspirations than just Pinterest aspirations, she has lots of advice for me and you and anyone who wants to do anything. I will say some of her views on life are a little strange and unexpected, but sweet. This book is for you if you love Amy Poehler, want a look at behind the scenes of her career, her personal life, how she got where she is, relationships with other famous people and just want to cuddle with Amy. 

Im currently reading/planning to read: I am Number 4, Gone Girl and I may be able to squeeze one more in over break. Anyone with ScribD have suggestions? Especially for audio books?

For further reading: Other book reviews, more book reviews, ecourse reviews

DIY Map Wall

DIY Map Wall tutorial by Lauren-Likes

It’s back!!! The coveted, beautiful, insightful MAP WALL!! But its back in an all new form!  

01-IMG_8113 Remember the old map wall? Its glorious too, but this time around I had to reimagine things a bit. In our last home, the map wall was more seen as wallpaper and was thumb-tacked and overlapped each other to completely cover a wall in my office/craftroom. In our new home though, our walls are concrete and you cannot get anything in them, so I had to get creative. I found these adorable, small gold binder clips and some teeny tiny command hooks at our local craft store. I brought all my maps with me in the move; they are all National Geographic maps that I bought at a local thrift store.


  • Maps
  • Binder clips
  • 3M strips and hooks


I then sorted through my maps and began choosing my favorites.


I made an arrangement in the floor of what I thought was the appropriate sizing/spacing….


Then I remeasured the wall I was using and realized it was too small for the amount of maps I had chosen and reconfigured. 05-IMG_8149

Then I began hanging them! I measured somewhat and only had to redo one map that was really crooked. The nice thing about the binder clips is that you can tighten or loosen them to even things out a bit if you hang them a little crooked. Heres a quick GIF I made of how the wall came together using the Party Party App.


The finished wall turned out very formal since the maps were so strategically placed and I love it.

07-IMG_8213  09-IMG_8217

The gold binder clips are gorgeous! And make a great accent to the maps.


Here you can see the 3M hooks and strips, they are actually clear (way to go 3M!). They aren’t the prettiest close up, but from a normal distance away they really do blend in with the wall and look great.


This project took less than 3 hours to choose maps, hang them and photograph as I went. This is such an easy way to update a large wall, cheaply, without being permanent at all. Which wall is your favorite? The original one that is more wall papered or the this one that is more formal and planned? Also, does anyone have any tips for getting the wrinkles out?! Do you have any map inspired DIYs?! If so, show me! Maps are my favorite and I have a ton leftover now that NEED to be used….08-IMG_8214

Jeju, South Korea Part II


This post is part 2 about our trip to Jeju Island. You can read the more of Jeju’s history and about our trip here. 

IMG_8551Sangumburi Crater 

Day 2 started out much colder and cloudier than day 1. But after a great nights sleep we were ready to go! We headed to this crater, that our tour guide was really proud of, because it is one of the only craters that has vegetation in it. Uhhhh, ok. Cool. Yeah, I didn’t even take a picture of it, I don’t think, because it was just some dead-ish looking shrubs in a dip in the ground….But! The scenery around it was beautiful! This was another quick, but fun stop. We walked around the grounds and got some great shots. PS, another reason to love Korea is that no matter where you are they will always have a small convenience store or snack shop with tasty treats and hot chocolate or coffee. IMG_8540IMG_85342014-11-29 10.06.35 HDR 2014-11-29 10.10.37 HDR 2014-11-29 10.16.01 Tangerine Picking   

This was one of everyone’s favorite stops for sure. The sun came out for us to enjoy our day in the orchard. (what do you call a tangerine patch? orchard? farm?) EVERYWHERE you look in Jeju there are groves (Groves?!) of tangerines everywhere! Huge trees just on the side of the road and then huge expansive fields full of them. We went in and harvested as many as we could eat and then were able to bring a bag full home with us. They were delicious. Apparently they are more sour as soon as you pick them and you should let them sit for 3-4 days so they can sweeten up, but they were just so delicious right off of the trees. Needless to say I’ve eaten at least one for breakfast every day for weeks now. These farms are everywhere and you can easily walk up and set up a picking/tasting and/or just buy a bag and some orange flavored treats. The orange chocolates are the best I’ve ever had! IMG_8580IMG_8570 2014-11-29 11.22.00 HDRIMG_8556 IMG_8554 Haenyo: Sea Women Divers Presentation    

Jeju is famous for its women. And not in the creepy, gross sense you are thinking. Their women are known for their strength and work ethic and lung capacity. The Haenyo are women between the ages of 50 and 90 who free dive for sea creatures for food. We were able to see a presentation they did and it made my lungs hurt just watching them. The little old ladies go out daily in the frigid water and bring back octopus and all kinds of creatures. They were truly mind-blowing and made you question your abilities and commitment to hard work as a twenty-something and forget my plan to retire at 30… They are deeply engrossed in their rituals and we glimpsed some of them. They sang a traditional song before diving and below you can see some of their haul, oh and taste it….

Read more about them here. IMG_8666IMG_8644IMG_8651IMG_8657IMG_8663   IMG_8638 Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak 

After lunch we stopped for this perfect photo. It was so fun, then the tour guide said ‘Ok lets go climb it’. Whomp, Whomp. It was 523 stairs UP and then 523 stairs DOWN. 2014-11-29 13.37.44IMG_8581This view reminded me so much of a little greek village with its colorful roofs on the sea. IMG_8583This view reminded me of how I was going to die. IMG_8600IMG_8611 The view at the top was really gorgeous, the town and inlet on one side and the sea on the other. But It was really crowded up top, but there are lots of friendly people up their, especially ones who like to take photos with foreigners…IMG_8614 IMG_8621 2014-11-29 14.32.45Oh, Jeju, you have my heart. Let’s move there ok?! TERRELL?! OK?! There are hundreds of museums and tourism sights, how else will we ever see them all?! We will be back when its warmer and we can enjoy the beaches more!


Around here: Christmas Concert Edition

2014-12-09 18.33.21 So this week has been insane. Crazy. Jam packed. Overwhelming. Magical. It’s officially Christmas season and that means Christmas music is in full swing. In our life that doesn’t mean on the radio, it means multiple, live, inspiring concerts. Being married to a musician at Christmas time means celebrating the holidays like the really ritzy people do in the movies. But, were the ones running around backstage setting up music stands and deciding if shirts should be tucked or untucked. 2014-12-09 18.24.16Terrell had his first concert this week as the new choral director at our new school. I may be biased, but it was amazing. When a new director comes in there is always a lot of worry and rebuilding that must go one to redefine the music program. Terrell’s choirs were very small this year, but that, in no way, interfered with how phenomenal the choir is. These students are so talented and Terrell really has enjoyed his smaller classes because he can work one on one with students to give them so much more individual attention. And it shows. Below is the video of Terrell’s concert, you should give it a listen. The first 3 songs are by the middle school choir and the rest are the high school. The first and last songs may be my favorite, so if you only have 5 minutes, listen to those. So far this season, besides Terrell’s show, we’ve been to hear Handel’s Messiah. I’m sad were probably not going to make it to the Nutcracker this year though due to attending so many Christmas parties, eating cookies and relaxing on a beach in Thailand….oh well, the sacrifices we must make, right? What shows do you like to see live during Christmas season?

DIY Abstract Painting

Abstract painting tutorial by Lauren-Likes I’ve been wanting to paint an abstract for a while now after being inspired by these (here, here and here). I honestly had no idea what I was doing and just hoped for the best. From the tutorials I read online and my general observation skills, I concluded that slow, small layers were the key for this to be successful. I am a ‘get it done really quick’ kind of project gal, so I set a goal for myself to take a photo in between each layer to allow myself to slow down. The initial plan was to only paint one color a day, but once I was in the zone, there was no stopping me. I’m so stoked about how this turned out and have so many ideas of others I want to do! 2014-12-01 19.33.06Supplies: 

  • Blank canvas: size and brand of your choice
  • Brushes: I used one large for the background and one small for the rest to have as much control as possible
  • Paint: I used acrylic paint and chose 3 colors + white
  • Water
  • Credit card or other supplies to spread paint to create different effects

Abstract by Lauren Likes

1. I started with a blank canvas, chose my base color and spread it on unevenly. Every few strokes I added a little water to thin out the paint and to allow the brush strokes to be more obvious.

2. I chose the darkest color and made color blocks. I experimented a little here, the top blocks are made by swiping a credit card down through a blob of paint and the bottom ones are with a brush and have some water added. Abstract by Lauren Likes 23. I added a thin layer of white on top of the dark blue to give it some contrast. This is when I decided to use up and down strokes only as I didnt like the change in direction of the bottom left color block.

4. I mixed the same blue + white and made a new layer. I added some random marking and played around with different levels of paint to create more strong brushstrokes. Abstract by Lauren Likes 35. I added the yellow color in here as an accent. I painted around the larger blocks of color to create an outline or edging effect.

6. I didnt love the color that the yellow made on top of the pink, so I mixed the white and yellow and did more of the edging technique and added some highlights in.

7. To finish I went in with all the colors once more and added more spots, edging and highlights where I felt like it was needed.DIY abstracy by Lauren Likes8. I decided there was a lot going on on the canvas already, but didnt feel like it was finished, so I knew I needed to force myself to stop and let it sit. I hung it on the wall and looked at it for a day or so and finally realized I was looking at it upside down the whole time!Abstract DIY by Lauren Likes

This was such a fun, new project. Limiting my colors to 3 plus white was the best choice. Knowing when to stop is the hardest part, but I’m so glad that I attempted this and I feel that there are many more abstracts in my future….

Jeju, South Korea Part I

2014-11-29 08.09.13I don’t know that I have stressed enough how very blessed we are by our school. Each semester, the Korean Foundation that runs our school takes the new staff on an all expense paid cultural experience trip. Translate that to mean a swanky weekend of free fun with friends with more food than you could ever eat. Seriously, this was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on. The school had arranged for a tour bus and tour guide to pick us up at the airport. All we had to do was show up. It was so nice to just participate, no planning, no clue where we are going, what to eat, where to stay. It was so relaxing to have all those stressful parts of travel taken care of and to have a wonderful, native tour guide to explain what were actually experiencing!  We were in Jeju for 2 days and 1 night and saw so much. Jeju is described as the Hawaii of Korea and rightfully so.  This was Thanksgiving weekend and it was overcast and a little chilly, but the photos will speak for themselves: this place is stunning. We spent most of our time on the south of the island and learned a lot about the history. Jeju is known for 3 things: wind, rocks and women. We experienced all 3, the mighty winds on the sea, the beauty of the lava rocks (Jeju is a dormant volcano) and saw a demonstration from the women divers (more in the next post on them!). We also were treated to their delicious black pork and tangerines. All things you must experience if you go!

The East China Sea Tour2014-11-28 14.32.19We went on a boat tour of the East China Sea and pretty much just floated around the incredibly choppy sea for an hour. This was not a trip for the faint of stomach…There was about 10 minutes of fishing, some raw fish tasting, a bit of ‘site seeing’ aka looking at the shore, but mostly it was just a really fun ride. The water is so turquoise, it blew my mind. Also, Terrell pretended to surf until he almost actually fell overboard. Entertainment for all…2014-11-28 14.42.51Anything for a feet shot. Anything. 2014-11-28 14.44.402014-11-28 14.49.23Doesn’t this look like a J.Crew or Sperry’s magazine ad?! 2014-11-28 15.14.02

The Alive Museum2014-11-28 16.31.02

Weird. Amazing. Interactive. Funny. Weird. All words that you would use to describe this experience. All the art pieces are interactive and there are directions and examples posted with each exhibit of how you are supposed to stand to photograph and interact with each piece. This was actually really fun, some exhibits were very strange and made me a little uncomfortable, but was a great time and you could spend hours here. 2014-11-28 16.35.572014-11-28 16.38.322014-11-28 16.41.572014-11-28 16.59.05

Jusangjeolli Cliff 2014-11-28 14.42.36This is the view of the cliff from our boat ride. Jeju Island And the view from the overlook. This view reminded me so much of Hawaii, the water, the cliffs, the volcanic rock. Perfect. This was a quick and easy stop. We were only here for 25 minutes, which was just the right amount of time. It was crowded, so we had to wait and fight for good shots without tons of strangers, but so worth it. These are frame worthy. 2014-11-28 12.01.28  IMG_8482 IMG_8503 Cheonjeyeon Waterfall IMG_8506This is the view of the waterfall from the temple up top. IMG_8509The crazy cool bridge you cross. IMG_8514And then the waterfall up close and personal. It’s actually pretty easy to access, though it initially looks really far. But! It is 220 steps down to the waterfall and…..220 UP from it. But really not bad. This was beautiful, but after seeing the cliffs, this was not my favorite stop, but it was quick and easy and had some decent overlooks of the sea and was a different type of stop from our primarily sea focused day. IMG_8516We arrived around 10am, had a sit down lunch and dinner, saw all these things and were at our hotel by 9pm. There is so much to see in Jeju, you either need a jam-packed schedule like ours or a lot of time because you don’t want to miss all this beauty! Next up I’ll share day 2 of our trip!


Life Hacks for the Late Girl

Life Hacks for the Late Girl by Lauren-LikesConfession: I run late all the time. Every where I go.

I’m constantly unprepared. But I do value not looking and feeling like I just rolled out of bed, which 99% of the time I have. So I have developed a routine and few quick hacks that keep me sane and moving out the door. I thought I would share some of my best tips with you so you can get a few more ZZZZs and still look great and feel prepared for the day ahead.

  1. Curl your ponytail. Dont have time to make all your hair look good? Simple. Pull your hair up, then straighten/curl just the hair that is in your ponytail. This is much faster and makes your hair looked ‘fixed’.
  2. Lay out your clothes. This is such a big one for me. I am not exactly coherent in the AM, so the less choices the better. If i want to match and look nice, I must lay out my clothes or it will look like a 3-year-old dressed me….
  3. Use a capsule wardrobe. Narrow your choices, create a ‘uniform’.
  4. Have 2 necklaces that match everything. I have a black/white/gray necklace and a pink necklace. They literally can match anything I will ever want to wear. When I’m running late, I grab one and go. I have other nice ones, but those take some thought to make them match and to find them. These 2 will never fail me and wearing a necklace makes your outfit look polished and well thought out.
  5. Wear headbands. Gross hair? No time to fix it at all? Throw on a cute headband and no one notices that you’re wearing your hair in sloppy bun for the 10th day in a row.
  6. Invest in baby wipes. Gotta feel clean because there’s no way I have time to shower every morning or every day…
  7. Invest in dry shampoo. This is a must, even for clean hair!
  8. Find ‘wear to bed’ hairstyles. These are 2 of my go to hairstyles. Here and Here. I wear my hair like this almost nightly.
  9. Have 2 scarves that match everything. I have a black scarf and a brown scarf that stay on the coat rack by the front door, when I’m late I grab one and go. If I have time I will pick out a pretty colorful one to match my outfit, but I always need a scarf so sometimes its the plain ones that literally save the day!
  10. Keep your essentials by the door. We have a coat rack and a bar type station at the front door. On it I keep my scarves, hats, jackets, shoes, raincoat, umbrella, lunchbox, bookbag/purse. This way I’m never hunting for the essentials and I can grab it all and go. Every second is precious.
  11. Keep one bag and keep it packed at the door. Some girls like rotating their bags to match their outfits daily, but none of those girls are reading this post because they don’t run late. So, pick one bag for the week or month or year, pack it with the essentials, keep it by the door always. No extra decisions to make or things to find.
  12. Use a crock pot. This is hands down the best thing I do for myself and my husband each day. I will start easy meals in the crock pot in the morning or if I’m really pushed for time or want to cook in the evening, I will throw in a few chicken breasts. They cook up so deliciously and then I can add them into whatever meal I make at night or just throw them on a sandwich with a sauce of choice. This way I always have a warm, ready meal waiting for me. No cooking at night and no excuses for going out to eat. And a simple hack to make this hack easier, use Crock Pot Liners. 
  13. Have a snack stash. I do not have time to eat breakfast in the morning, but I will literally kill over and die if I don’t eat something though. At work I have a whole stash of breakfast bars, fruit, packets of grits/oatmeal, cream cheese, bagels, nuts, candy, etc. I keep it stocked and it saves me day after day.
  14. Batch it. On Sundays sometimes I will hard boil 5 eggs and bake a whole package of bacon. Then I will separate it out into ziplock bags, one for each day. Or make a huge pot of soup (in your crock pot obviously) then split it into multiple Tupperware containers, now you have lunch or dinner for a few days already packed. Buy a bag of salad and immediately separate it into Tupperware for salads for lunch, etc. The extra 10 minutes I spend doing these things on a weekend or right after dinner, saves me time all week-long and takes away having to plan meals that are on the go. This way I spend less money eating out, eat more healthy and think about it less. Again, I do this as simply as possible. Soup in a bowl, not a 3 course meal.
  15. If you don’t need it, leave it. This is one of the hardest things for me: “Do I leave this at work or take it home tonight?!” I always set my expectations too high. I think I’ll take home this book and read it at home tonight, even though I know I have 100 things to do at home that don’t include reading. Then the next morning I’m frantically looking for the book I brought home that needs to go back to work today. Leave it. Cut back on the load of stuff you bring back and forth, if you don’t NEED it at home and KNOW that you are going to use, then leave it. Makes your bag lighter, its one less thing to find in the morning and cuts back on guilt.

If you have a routine or any life hacks that cut the clutter and create more time for sleep please share them! Which one of these are you going to try this week?

Hey, wanna Get Messy?

The New Get Messy Art Journal Program

Today is a really special day. Its snowing in Korea, its sunny in South Africa. Those are the two greatest states of weather, which have created the perfect day for Caylee and I to announce phase two of Get Messy Art Journal. We are taking this wonderful community of creators to the next level. We want to give art journalers their own platform to share their work, be accountable, hone their skills and inspire each other. So we have created just that.

Launching February 5th will be the ultimate art journal experience.

There will be tutorials, starter kits, prompts, link ups, chats, discussions, suggestions, questions, answers, community spotlights, design teams, teachers, students, friends, BFFs, and so much more….

The community will be run on a private blog that you will have access to for life. The one time fee will be low, as we want everyone to be able to join. There will be lessons and tips and challenges for beginners and experts. Everyone is welcome, no matter their level of experience, location or commitment level.

That’s the beautiful thing about art. It is what you need it to be, it’s what you want it to be.

There will be no rules except to create, encourage and inspire. You make your own rules this time.

But don’t worry, the Get Messy you know and love isn’t going anywhere, just evolving. We are officially on holiday break, but will resume in January with a monthly prompt and link up, instead of weekly postings, that anyone and everyone can participate in. This is so we can focus all of our creative hearts into the new community but still let the blog world, and those who like looking at pretty things on pages, in on the fun.

For more information and a set of brand new prompts that will give you a glimpse into the new program sign up for our newsletter. Be sure to follow Caylee and I on instagram and our blogs to find class and starter kit giveaways. The newsletter will be your source to all the knowledge and insider info, so be sure to sign up and get your sketch books ready because we’re about to Get Messy….


The New Get Messy Art Journal Program


Malaysia Minibook

Ive never been so excited to share a mini-book with you in my whole life. Im in love with this book. I printed most of my photos as 6×8 and used them as the base for most of my pages and added in 4×6 photos, memorabilia and journaling cards in between. This book is simple and easy to make, but beautiful. All photos in the book were taken with my iPhone 5s with minimal or no editing in PicTapGo. The front and back of the book are thin cardboard pages that came in paper packs to add some sturdiness to it. Normally when I make books like this, I use paper as the base and mod podge the paper on, but because it was photos I went with paper glue instead. This book was inspired by Caylee’s book where she used large photos as bases and Andrea’s book where she used only photos and memorabilia.

*Products will be linked at the bottom of the post. 01-IMG_8423For the cover I glued this Studio Calico overlay to the photo with glue that would dry clear. 02-IMG_8424Disclaimer: this was my first time using rub-ons, so I didnt realize that laying the gold airplane down to decide where I wanted it, was actually going to put it on there…so its a little off center, but Im fine with it, I guess… 03-IMG_842604-IMG_8430 05-IMG_8431 06-IMG_8432 07-IMG_8433 08-IMG_8434 09-IMG_8435 10-IMG_8443 11-IMG_8444 12-IMG_8447This is just my favorite photo/page…13-IMG_8448 14-IMG_8449 15-IMG_8450 16-IMG_8451 17-IMG_8453The white swirl overlay is actually a bag I bought a scarf in and reused in here :) 18-IMG_8456The night market photos were a little redundant and werent very pretty, but I really wanted to include them, so I made a collage of them.  19-IMG_8457 20-IMG_8459 21-IMG_8460 22-IMG_8461 23-IMG_8462 24-IMG_8463 25-IMG_8464 26-IMG_8465 27-IMG_8466 28-IMG_8467 29-IMG_8468 30-IMG_8469 31-IMG_8470 32-IMG_8471 33-IMG_8472 34-IMG_8473Products used: Kelly Purkey’s Second City Basic Grey Embellishments, Shimelle Papers, last page quote handlettering from Random Olive, Random assortment of embellishments and cards from the past 4 months of Studio Calico Project Life kits