Mount Sorak photo by Lauren Likes

Reading The Living Reed.

Grateful for Sribd and movie rentals on Itunes

Watching Divergent (EEEKKKKK!)

Loving my in real life friend Emily’s blog. Check out her amazing travel photography. These Iceland photos are incredible and Pinterest worthy!

Figuring out the metric system. Slowly but surely. Does anyone have any easy quick reference charts?!

Sore from our hike up Mount Sorak, but isn’t that photo beautiful and kind of worth it?!

Making GIFs with the Party Party App. This may be a game changer for my blog…

Trying to reign in my crazy decorating ideas. I’m busting at the seams ready to get started on this apartment! If that wallpaper doesn’t come soon, I may begin experimenting on the walls…

Missing Hobby Lobby. sigh…

Wanting this class about making video time capsules. Xanthe’s style is so beautiful. But too expensive for now…

Learning about everything? Finishing up my continuing education for my Social Work License renewal and I’m constantly amazed at how broad the field of social work is and how much you truly need to know about each incredibly different field to be able to work in your own to support your clients holistically.

Waiting on MAIL!! The mail is taking too long to get here and I’ve ordered some really great stuff…

Listening to the Sean Wes Podcast. Goldmine.

Furious about people posting photos of Chic Fil A on instagram. Quit making a sister stumble…

Laughing at all the clips from Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers late night shows. They are just the best and liking them on Facebook has made Facebook worth it again.

Appreciating Sara from Yes and Yes sharing my map wall tutorial.

Planning exactly one billion travel trips! I want to go EVERYWHERE! Tell me your favorite places to help me narrow it down. GO!

Get Messy 18: Visions

Money Visions Art journal by Lauren Likes


This weeks art journal pages are quite appropriately named Visions, as I received visions (of some kind) for these pages. This top page was a beautiful page of water, which is where I feel I do my best soul searching. I’ve been really wrestling with our finances post our move and needed to journal it out, but it was a little bit too personal to share, so I made a flap with a funny ecard that perfectly sums up my feelings towards money. Simple and bright. Winner.

Watercolor tree by Lauren Likes

This page. Oh this page. I saw this tree over the weekend and was fascinated by it. Like completely consumed by the details of this tree and needed to get it out of my head and onto paper. When I show you the photo of this tree you are going to think I’m crazy and say how it looks nothing like this. But I had to try. Also, did you know that you cannot paint fog. Hmm. Just cant do it. So my messy swirls are my best representation of the intense fog. Maybe Olya will give me some tips…..

Cant wait to see what you made this week!! PS, we’ve officially capped Get Messy Participants so that we can figure out this crazy, growing, living, inspiring thing and bring you the even better GM 2.0!!



Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.

Around here

Hi friends, were off traveling for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)! We are so thankful for a 5 day weekend. It has come at the perfect time as school is so very busy and tiring. We are in Sokcho hiking and beaching it up with some friends trying to soak up the last bits of the warm weather.

Ill be posting updates on instagram @lk_hooper so you can follow along until Im back to blogging on my normal schedule later this week when its Get Messy time.

Until then, here is a random photo dump from my phone of what life has been like in Korea lately!

2014-08-29 21.40.00-2 2014-08-30 14.25.35 2014-08-30 16.25.18 2014-08-30 23.41.15 2014-09-01 19.43.47 2014-08-13 17.42.40 HDR 2014-08-15 16.42.06 2014-08-15 16.52.35 2014-08-17 12.47.58 2014-08-17 19.14.53 2014-08-21 14.06.02 2014-08-23 13.41.46 2014-08-23 21.17.18


Get Messy 17 + September prompt

Elephant art journal by Lauren Likes


I got my mojo back. I found some National Geographic magazines at a thrift store here and I have officially decided that travel magazines are my number 1 art journaling tool. To make the background for this page I watercolored a dot stamp and just stamped over and over. Even though it covers the page and makes a great background, it didn’t warp the paper at all because the amount of water + paint is so thin. The gold doily is from an old Studio Calico kit and the translucent phrase in the corner is from the new Sandlot kit. This page is especially special as we just booked our tickets to Thailand for Christmas and one of my #1 dreams in life is to meet an elephant in person and now I will! EEEKKK!! (Ps I dont know what this says about me, but most things on my bucket list involve exotic animals….)Elephant gold art journal by Lauren Likes

This page. Those watercolors. I made this page and knew I couldn’t cover an inch of it. So stamping a quote was the perfect solution! At the urging of Caylee, I started carrying an idea notebook with me everywhere and I have a page for quotes I randomly find and this was one of them. I love it so! So, now I’m telling YOU to carry an idea book with you where ever you go! So many of my best ideas happen random places and in busy times, so I write them down and can refer back when I have time to sit down and make and (always) have no ideas!  Water color sunburst art journal by Lauren Likes

How the prompts will work: The 6 main hosts of Get Messy will rotate creating prompts each month. On the first Thursday of the month, the new prompt will be announced (always on my blog) for you to participate too! You have about a month to complete your page(s) inspired by this prompt. Then we want you to return here (again, always on my blog) on the last Thursday of the month to participate in a fun link up so we can all admire your creation! Ok? OK!

This weeks prompt comes from the lovely Sabine. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you are really missing out. Her archives are like a gold mine! 

Journaling Challenge: Live your adventurous dreams on paper. What would you love to do, or at least try, if you had the courage to live more adventurously? I would, for example, like to live on a houseboat or a train wagon.

Art Challenge: Try a method or material you’ve never worked with before. Be adventurous!


Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.

What I have learned living in Korea Vol 2

Things I have learned living in  Korea by Lauren-LikesThis is a list of musings, of observations, of hard and fast facts, of opinions, of completely made up fairy tales. These are things I have learned since I have moved to Korea. Things about myself, things about Korea and things about things. Believe them or not, I believe them to be true.

  • 1000 Won (pronounced like the won part of won-ton) equals about $1 USD
  • Shipping within Korea is incredibly cheap and fast. Like same day fast
  • “Oh there’s a million people already people on that bus. Ok me and my one thousand friends will get on it too. ” -thought process of everyone in Korea
  • There are no traffic laws only mere suggestions.
  • Traffic laws are mostly followed at large “main” intersections where there is a stop light.
  • Just because there is a stop light doesn’t mean it will be followed
  • I want to eat all the food on sticks being sold on the street
  • Heat comes from the floor
  • Everything must be done in small portions. Shopping, laundry, etc
  • “That’s a cute headband. Lets put a giant flower or bow on it.” -thought process of designers in Korea
  • I still run late even in Korea
  • Napkins are about 3in by 3in and tissue thin and there’s always a sign that says ‘Use sparingly”
  • Korea has got to be the world’s leader in recycling and composting! (I need to do some research on that)
  • I don’t know where this idea has come from, but Koreans think Americans like ketchup on everything….
  • Sometimes when you ask for napkins for food they will give you toilet paper
  • The city and the country side are a stark contrast. It’s so amazingly different
  • This country has some amazingly green mountains and lots of them
  • There is a completely different view on ‘personal space’ especially among high school boys….
  • Soup at every meal? Yes please!
  • You pay for convenience
  • I finally rode the subway. Spoiler alert: its amazing
  • You can travel hours away via train/subway for $2 and that includes the bus you took to get to that subway that will take you to that train
  • I finally found the most amazing American food, cheeseburger included at Left Coast Burger
  • There is a lady who works in the produce aisle and she must check you out first before you can move on to the rest of the grocery store or she will take your lettuce away. I may or may not know this from experience. I only wanted to have salad for dinner!! 

Check out Vol 1 here 

Share things we would never know about your country because it is so fascinating and we all want to know!

6 ways to use digital products without Photoshop

Hi there! One of the greatest/worst things to ever hit scrapbooking is Photoshop. This program has literally changed the scrapbooking game. There are now ENDLESS possibilities of ways you can edit photos. There are people who scrapbook exclusively in photoshop. Which brings me to digital products. Woah. There are entire companies based solely on digital products. Which is amazing! These products are more affordable (sometimes free!), reusable and can be customized to any stretch of the imagination.

BUT! Photoshop has also completely overwhelmed and ostracised many of the more traditional scrapbookers, those who aren’t as tech savvy or those without the time to devote to the intensity of photoshop. So, I am here to show you 6 different ways you can use digital products in your scrapbooking without photoshop, needing a degree in IT or if you are in a pinch for time or just want to use your digital elements in a new way!

6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop by Lauren Likes

These weekly cards can be found here (for free!) by Caylee Grey! 

A quick note: When saving digital elements you must save them as jpegs to use these techniques.

1. First, my favorite technique. Add the digital element in an app. All you need is a smartphone. Apps like Mystic, Over or photoshop (a MUCH simpler version and only $5 for your phone) allow you to quickly add digital elements to photos with only a tap or two. Here is a step by step tutorial using Mystic for how I created this photo. In short, you save both photos to your phone and upload the digital one in the app under the ‘handwriting’ choice. Done. Beautiful. Simple.

6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop2. Print directly onto patterned paper. This one only takes a few attempts at figuring out your own printer. Run a piece of plain paper through to figure out placement and you’re done. I literally use the program Paint to print these. Yes, that program you used as a kid to make weird spray paint looking art on because it was the only program that came with your computer. I open the photo in Paint and choose the size I want to print. Do a practice run and then insert my pretty paper when I’m satisfied.

6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop 1

3. Print on vellum. This is the greatest trick I have ever learned as a scrapbooker! Follow the steps in number 2 to print on vellum instead of paper and then lay it over a photo or paper, etc.6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop 2

4. Fake a digital overlay. To make this card, I simply printed the digital element on computer paper and then cut very closely around the letters, adhered it and was done.6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop 3

5. All hail the white space. I love printing on good, white card stock. Whenever a project is just too busy, this is a great way to calm things down.6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop 4

6. Design your own background. I followed the same steps as before, printed on white cardstock and then watercolored these very trendy stripes. The possibilities with white space are limitless…oh the places your scrappy imagination can take you…    6 ways to use digital elements without photoshop 5

I hope you have found a new way to use your digital elements that are quick, easy and stretch your stash a little farther. I can’t wait to see what you make! Have more ideas? Share them in the comments so we can all use them!

Get Messy 16 + August Link up

Art Journal ombre by Lauren Likes  In honor of demonstrating that art is not permanent and that change can always come, I revamped my page from last week that I just wasn’t in love with. I used your suggestions and committed to making it work. I wish I hadn’t hand written the script, but it adds a little more of an abstract feel to it and I didn’t want to just start over, I want to rework what I had. As my style is evolving I am finding more and more of how much ‘layers’ plays into my projects.

Art journal by Lauren LikesFor Caylee’s “Self Portrait in Objects” prompt I struggled. At first. I had the prompt for over a month and it just wasn’t working for me. Then, inspiration struck. And! I actually sketched out my plan. I’m going all Andrea on you ;) PS, I loved the sketching part! It made it so easy as I was collecting things to go in. I drew my inspiration from a mood board style and added in objects or photos that represented myself. This was my favorite prompt for sure!

Self Portiat in Objects art journal prompt on Lauren Likes

Self Portrait in objects by Lauren Likes

Ps I apologize for the worlds worst photographs. They will be fixed ASAP.

I cant wait to see how you interpreted this prompt, so link up so we can all see!

PS Caylee and I have some really exciting stuff up our sleeves, so Get Messy participant call is closing soon. So if you want to get on board email myself or Caylee ASAP!




Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.



100 rejection letters project

100 Rejection Letters by Lauren Likes

Reject Me. Tell me no. I dare you.

I’ve got plans. I’ve got goals. And I will get there.

I have realised 2 things in my short blogging career.

(And by short I mean I have been putting weird stuff out onto the interwebs for 4 years now! How crazy is that?! But I’m counting the first 2 blogs I wrote as practice or pre-gaming for the real deal.)

Hey Lauren-Likes, I’m taking you somewhere.

The 2 things I’ve learned in life and in blogging:

  1. Act confident and people will think you belong.
  2. You’re not going to get stuff until you ask for it.

With this project, I’ve set out to do multiple things:

  1. Work on my self-confidence by not being crushed every time I experience rejection
  2. Purposefully seek out new opportunities
  3. Put myself out there by getting visible and pushing my own limits
  4. Network and meet other people who are working in the field I love
  5. Be proud of what I do and show it to people
  6. Try new things
  7. Create/curate a portfolio of projects I am proud of

I’ve already been rejected by Sarah Von Bargan of Yes and Yes and by One Little Bird. But you know what? These 2 really amazing bloggers took time to look at my blog and talk to me personally. Win, win. I knew that Sarah’s position was a long shot and she actually filled the position within 24 hours (crazy), but I tried. I failed. And it wasn’t the worst.

Some guidelines I’m setting:

  • I’m not applying to just any and everything if I’m not interested in actually following through with the commitment. This is fair to no one and is a waste of time.
  • The rejection letters can come in any form. From unreturned emails to flat-out rejections.
  • Anything can count. So asking to be featured on someones blog, applying to a design team, asking someone to post on my blog, submitted something for publication, etc.
  • What doesn’t count: “tag a friend and win’ instagram contests, etc. It actually has to take work and be a substantial and enriching goal/prize/opportunity
  • No real timeline, hopefully within 6 months or so

My plan is to get rejected by some pretty crazy people, like Martha Stewart and magazines, design teams, guest blogging spots and more!

Also, I don’t think this counts for my project, but was such a cool boost. I was checking my blog stats the other day and found this link that was sending along a fair amount of traffic called “Country Living”. I laughed and thought, some random blog named Country Living shared a link of mine. NOPE. Country Living, THE MAGAZINE, had shared a link to a tutorial of mine on their website. Yep. You can see it here. 

So hey, anything is possible right? I’ll definitely get rejected by at least 100 people, but who knows who will say yes and what will happen?! Have you done a project like this? Tell me all about it! Got any cools things I should apply to and see if they dare to reject me? Send me a link!

I’ll share updates randomly as I go. Here are a few other people who did rejection projects for you to check out. Another rejection letter project, famous people s rejection letters

Take a walk by the Han River

Take a walk on the Han River in Seoul South Korea One of my favorite parts of our apartment is that we live right on the river. What I love about the river is that there is a fantastic walking/exercise area that runs under the bridge along the river front. There is this amazing view. Paths for walkers, bikers, etc. And a ton of super strange workout equipment that people are legit using. I was so excited and we were playing on it, so I didn’t get pictures of all the machines. Confession: we couldn’t figure most of them out even with the pictures demonstrating them! I was also impressed with how many people were using them! And the upside down sleeping…that was interesting. There are these inclined benches that tons of people were laying on with their heads at the low end. Interesting technique? IMG_6731 IMG_6733 IMG_6738IMG_6740IMG_6751IMG_6746IMG_6741 IMG_6755

Seriously, who couldn’t love these faces?! Excuse me while I go politely turn down all the modeling agencies that are for sure calling us right now…IMG_6758IMG_6759IMG_6760

There is a bridge under the main bridge so you can walk/bike to the other side of the river too! IMG_6767

Umm I’m sorry, what exactly are you measuring with that giant measuring tape? Oh the water gets that high? For real? Oh, ok cool. IMG_6764

I really love street art and take lots of photos of it when we are out or are traveling. Any suggestions for what I should do with these photos?! Start a feature? A hashtag? Obviously a mini book called Street Art Around the World…. Umm book deal anyone?! Wow this post is proving really lucrative for me. Modeling, book deals….IMG_6763IMG_6762IMG_6770

Also, there are a ton of river activities you can do! Fishing, boating, jetskiing, and more! IMG_6768The bridge that we walked to (with the measuring tape) has a light/water show most evenings, so that is on our list to watch one night. Photos to come!



Lost at Seoul Tower

Love locks at Seoul Tower by Lauren-Likes

This is a story about fear and bravery and unexpected surprises and seizing the moment and trust and how working out is the worst. Love locks at Seoul Tower by Lauren-Likes

Some of my girlfriends wanted to try a new workout class in the park the first week we moved here. I hate working out, but can be peer pressured really easily. So I agreed. They all lived right by the park, I lived a decent ways away by multiple buses. I knew that I could do it though. The bus system here is really easy and I had been to all the places I needed to go (just not in the right order that I was going in that day), so I thought this would be so easy and a fun first adventure on my own. Up until now Terrell and I had gone everywhere together or with friends (who knew what they were doing). So I asked someone which bus to take. Easy. View from Seoul Tower by Lauren-Likes

I left the house ready to go. I was going to work out, hang out with new friends and go on an adventure all by myself. Well, some of those things happened….I got on the first bus, making great time. The bus was insanely crowded and I stood on someones foot stand as they sat. The bus was comically full. I jump off and as I’m crossing the street to take the next bus when I run into some other friends who inform me that I’m taking the right bus but on the wrong side of the road. So I cross back over, starting to get worried about time and how my plans have changed and I was wrong and what a close call that was! Nerves. Love locks at Seoul Tower by Lauren-Likes

The bus arrives, I hop on. Feeling better, but eyeing the clock. The bus is going in the right direction, there is a lot of traffic. The bus doesn’t take the turn I think it should. But I don’t worry, because I don’t really know the route. My American phone isn’t connected yet, it’s virtually an iPod now. The bus continues to drive. And drive. And make turns. And drive. Stops get less frequent. Time is ticking. I recognize nothing. But its ok. It’s just a weird route. I’ll get there. More turns. More giant buildings. Fake playing on my non working phone. Less people on the bus. A nice Korean ladies hands me a pamphlet for an English ministry of her church. She’s very nice. I’m officially very lost. More stops. More turns. Fear is surmounting. My chest is getting tight, I’m acutely aware that my shorts and tank top are not really in appropriate fashion for Korean street wear. Don’t make eye contact. Everyone knows. Seoul tower by Lauren-Likes

I’ve completely missed the start workout of the workout class by 15 minutes. But I don’t know what to do. Can I go late? Will I even be able to find them? Will I ever get there? Is this bus taking me to North Korea?! (Just kidding, I didn’t think that). I decide to just ride the bus until I either get to the park or it loops back around and drops me off where I started. (most of the buses just drive giant loops) This is what it feels like to be a foreigner. Lost, alone, silent, helpless, fear. No one speaks my language.  I have no working phone to help me navigate where I am or need to go. Fear. But I’m fine, I tell myself. I need to figure this out. I live here. This will happen often. I must stay calm and know what to do. View from Seoul Tower by Lauren-Likes

The bus stops. The driver FORCES me to get off. THIS IS NOT THE PLAN. The plan, good Korean sir, is to ride this bus UNTIL THE END OF TIME. I step out. There are people everywhere. Correction: there are TOURISTS everywhere. Theres nowhere to go. But up. I begin following the giant crowd up a giant hill (so I did get my workout in). I come over the top of the hill and this is the view that greets me. Realization hits: I’m at Seoul Tower. IM AT  SEOUL TOWER!! I KNOW WHERE THAT IS! I totally pretend like I meant to come here the whole time. Now my none working cell phone is my BFF because it has a camera. I snap away. I walk around and take in the breathtaking sights of the city. MY city. The city I just drove through with complete fear. Its beautiful and huge and full of possibilities. I take a billion photos of the love locks. I’m literally checking things off my bucket list with every step Im taking. I can do this. So I missed a workout that sounded like it was going to kill me. Oh, well. Look where I am. Seoul, South Korea lighting up by Lauren-Likes

Once I have thoroughly walked around and gotten over that uncomfortable feeling of ‘Im here alone and everyone knows’ I head back to the bus. I try to read the signs. They are all in Korean. But that never stops me from trying. So I get back on the exact bus I came on, because it will just backtrack right?! The driver at this point just knows he is going to have to live the rest of his life with me living on his bus. We both accept our fate and settle into it. I ride back the way we came. I edit photos on my phone. I am amazed at what I just unexpectedly found. I am amazed that I survived. But why should I be? I was made for this. Surely enough, the bus drops me back off in familiar land. It’s then that the boldness and courage is truly manifesting itself. I decide instead of catching the next bus to walk home instead. It’s actually a really nice 20 ish minute walk, downhill, through my neighborhood. But its getting dark. I have to do it. If I can handle the lostness, I can handle walking home. Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world and this is MY road. MY neighborhood. I walk home, stop and buy myself a new little succulent as a reward because I can do anything I want. I am fearless and brave and adventurous. Ok I walked a little fast a few times. But I did it. I arrived home to a furious husband. “YOU WENT TO SEOUL TOWER WITHOUT ME?!’ Well….kind of but not exactly….but yes?2014-07-29 19.59.42I did it. I survived my first of what will be a lifetime of lostness. And it was amazing. 

PS. I have seen this “To the moon and back” painted all around Seoul, but have no idea what it is. Anyone know? I promise I’m not a cult supporter if that’s what it is…..

Have you been lost? Where? Tell me what happened! You were brave. I know it.