How She Creates Ep 210: Community COFTA

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is carving out time for art in your day to day life. Listen to COFTA founders share their thoughts, stories and tips for how to prioritize your art. Click through to listen and connect!


This weeks episode is really fun! I am chatting with Marrisa and Heather from Carve Out Time For Art. These ladies are the perfect example of the kind, down to earth and creativity loving people you can meet online. Their mission with COFTA is to connect makers and help them find time in their days to create more. This episode is really fun and has a ton of very specific and helpful tips for you to push that guilt to the side and say, ‘making is important and I will prioritize it!’. So dive in and listen today.


How She Creates Challenge


We want to see how YOU carve out time for art! Show us how, when, were and what you are working on. Share the small cracks of time you are finding in your day and what you are using it to make. Use the tags #howshecreates and #carveouttimeforart so we can see!

Now, go listen and enjoy the show!



Show Notes

Meet Our Guest

Heather Kirtland received her BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997.  She was a recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Grant, that same year.  Heather participated as a resident artist at the Holt Center for the Arts from 1998 – 2000.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Montessori school have commissioned her work as well as many private collectors.  She currently teaches encaustic workshops, focuses on her own studio practice and works with clients to create commissioned painting.  She shows her works throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and has exhibited in both Italy and Wales.  Heather recently moved from Baltimore to a more rural part of Maryland where she lives with her husband and two children.  When she is not painting she love to read, run and encourage other mothers to find a creative outlet through a project she fosters with Marissa Huber; Carve Out Time for Art.

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I’m a painter, pattern designer, writer, mother, creative instigator, and human being trying my best to be a good person with a healthy does of mischief. My greatest joy in life is connecting with other kindred spirits over an experience, a funny story, or shared dreams and feeling positively lit up. I live in South Florida with my artist husband Mike East, and the world’s most hysterical and talented Lego Master-builder, Henry “Pickles”. My passion projects are working on my own art, learning how to make better digital patterns, and thinking up creative antics for the Carve Out Time for Art community.

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Meet Your Host

Lauren is an American crafter, adventurer and storyteller living in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with her husband. Lauren is an art maker, grace giver, photographer of life, laugh enthusiast, creativity chaser, believer in people, inspiration aficionado, street food lover, and DIY fanatic.

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