Travel Time Capsules

We. Love. Traveling.

We seriously have an addiction. We want to go everywhere, see everything, do anything and meet everyone. But sometimes it isn’t always in our best budget senses. So we must find ways to travel and to remember our travels on the cheap-cheap. We’re actually pretty good at it and this summer were going to get GREAT at it. Our plan is to pack everything up into storage, load up our car and take off! We are super excited and have a whole map planned out of where were going and sights to see and friends to visit. We will do a whole post of our destination goals soon, but our main goal is the Grand Canyon, hence this post: Our Life in Pins. We will be sharing our journey and our money-saving tips and travel suggestions along the way, So the blog will take a small turn from the crafty+ thrifty to the travel + thrifty for a while, but we hope you will like following our journey! (and it is the only way our families will have proof were alive-so they will be reading!)

Back to the matter at hand. In our travels we always pick up lots of little knick knacks and sometimes things just happen to show up in my bag, like wrappers and gift tags, maps, info cards, etc. And I always LOVE picking up seashells from the beach. I needed a way to save all that stuff and display it and saw Young House Loves’s Time Capsules and they were perfect! I immediately began rounding up mason jars (our favorite items for any & all occasions) and keepsakes from meaningful trips. Now we have a whole shelf dedicated to displaying the sweet little mementos. They are super easy to make and easy to change-up and have so many different options that you can change to make them unique to you. The labels are simple cardstock + ribbon + my handwritten description of the trip.


We made one from Nicaragua and it is definitely my favorite because it is so colorful and has so many fun and different items, unlike the others whose content are all pretty similar.

The Nicaragua Time Capsule has crayons that the kids used to color at VBS, a tile we skipped with the kids in the lake, a pebble from the lake/beach, the Jicaro Project label which lets me know who made my sweet candle, a bracelet I made with my favorite child, Angel, a Cordova, a feather from the Ginnys that lived at camp with us, a beautiful flower that I pressed, a Nica state flag patch (were trying to collect them and eventually do a project with them).

This one is from our first vacation we spent with his family. We walked along the beach and picked up shells and accidentally brought home sand. A lot of sand.

This one is from our honeymoon in Hawaii and yes I admit, I picked up the black and white rocks because they use them to compare good and evil in Lost. I am still a little obsessed…

We love movies and going to the theatre, so we keep all our ticket stubs and stick them in here, yes Lincoln Lawyer was a good movie 🙂

I love this one so much! We collected dead coral from the ocean floor as we were learning to scuba dive. We worked really hard for these! And I made a simple scuba flag out of cardstock to stick in this one.

 Simple, meaningful and fun. My favorite kind of project. What are some ways that you have preserved your favorite travel memories?

12 thoughts on “Travel Time Capsules

  1. darcyeats

    This is SUCH a precious idea! Plus, I’m obsessed with absolutely anything involving a mason jar. I was wondering what those jars in the living room were the other night! Love this project, love your blog (I will be spending way too much of my life looking through your other creative stuffs), LOVE you! —Darcy

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  4. Brianna

    I love this! I just took a 3 week road trip with my girls out West and I wish I would’ve see this prior! We love to travel too and I can’t wait to follow your adventures!

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